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Fleet Toll Management & Violations

There has been a steady climb in violations over the last several years. Jurisdictions have recognized their revenue potential, and are taking action accordingly. Keep your costs protected and vehicles legally compliant with Wheels tolling and violations solutions.

Proactively Avoid Toll Violations and Manage All Others With Our Toll Management & Violation Programs

Toll violations are often a fleet’s biggest violation expense, but they are easily prevented. The Wheels Toll Management program is an integrated solution for all your toll-related needs, covering all major toll authorities in North America.

With Wheels, you avoid the administrative tasks related to compliance and fulfillment. You get clear, complete reporting on all tolls with their time and place, so you can manage costs more effectively.

When it comes to non-toll violations, they are hard to prevent but easy to manage. From violation processing to ensuring you recoup related expenses from your drivers, Wheels can manage your violation activity for you.

The Wheels Toll & Violations Management Advantage


Proactive Prevention

Complete oversight and management of your toll program helps ensure transponders stay active and authority changes are addressed so toll violations are avoided.


Swift Actions

We automatically dispute toll violations on your behalf and take action on non-toll violations to help you avoid escalating fees and other penalties.


Reduced Administration

From sending out tolling transponders to paying violations — we handle all administrative tasks for you.

Easily Eliminate Violations With Our Comprehensive Program

Toll systems are different across the U.S. and Canada. Managing those differences is a cumbersome task for fleets — which is why Wheels handles it all:

  • Identify fleet vehicles using toll roads
  • Procure transponders and send them to your drivers
  • Register transponders and manage account data with all toll authorities
  • Replace transponders and deactivate transponders
  • Handle administration for video-only tolling where available
  • Automatically dispute toll violation on your behalf
  • Keep current with any regulatory changes

We Have Multiple Violation Management Tools to Meet Your Needs

Wheels makes sure your fleet remains compliant while on the road with the help of multiple violations programs, including:

  • Violations Tracking-to-Processing: Wheels tracks all incoming violations, forwarding the violation’s first notice we receive to you or the driver to pay or dispute.
  • Violations Processing: Wheels automatically pays all violations on the first notice we receive, further helping you avoid late fees and penalties.
  • Violations Follow-Up: An optional service that can be added to Violations Tracking-to-Processing or Violations Processing.

Toll & Violations Success Stories

Success Story

Healthcare Fleet Optimizes Fleet to Reduce Operating Costs

$210reduction in acquisition costs
$7,000saved in violations

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