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Shared Mobility

Mobility in the fleet industry is the act of moving people and resources from place to place in the most productive, safe, cost-effective and sustainable manners. Wheels helps you determine the right shared-mobility solutions for your specific objectives.

Receive Strategic Advice and Comprehensive Options With Wheels Shared Mobility Solutions

We deliver shared mobility solutions based on leading innovations to support your business needs, now and in the future. As you evaluate mobility options for your fleet, you may need to step outside the one-to-one assigned model to support a mobile workforce that benefits from a shared vehicle or alternate mobility approach.

Wheels can help you evaluate and obtain the right share-vehicle solution when you need it.

  • Pool: Whenever there’s a mobility need, your fleet office can easily access a variety of vehicles from the Wheels, manufacturer and upfitter inventories.
  • Rentals: With over 1.5 million vehicles in over 9,000 locations, we ensure you’ll have a purpose-built rental sedan, SUV or work truck available — no matter the short-, mid- or long-term need.
  • Ride-hailing: Our partnership with Uber for Business, the first shared mobility solution of its kind, automatically captures and provides visibility into your ride-hailing activity.
  • Mobility Budget & Parking Management: Wheels can provide your mobile workforce with the flexibility, visibility and ease to move how and when they want.

The Wheels Shared Mobility Difference


Customized Solutions

Our fleet consulting managers apply the Results+ methodology to analyze your business needs to determine the ideal mix of shared mobility solutions.


Centralized Data

Manage your mobile workforce on one technology platform, granting visibility to the information needed to make strategic decisions.


Future-Focused Solutions

We’re always expanding our mobility mix to create efficiencies that help you gain a competitive edge.

Reserve the Right Vehicle On Short Notice

When you have a sudden need for a vehicle, look no further than our pool and rental solutions.

For pool vehicles, our partnerships and skilled procurement specialists secure fleet pricing, incentive options and packages.

  • Wheels pool: Range of vehicles in the most popular models
  • Manufacturer pool: Variety of vehicles with factory pricing from select OEMs
  • Upfitter pool: Vans and trucks secured through our skilled truck consultants

Whether you are looking for the short-, mid- or long-term rental need, Wheels has established partnership with trusted automobile, light, medium and large truck rental partners. Work truck and van rentals can be upfit to meet client-specific needs.

Get the Flexibility of Ride-Hailing and Gain More Visibility into Your Mobility Spend

Our partnership with Uber for Business helps your employees get from point A to B with ease. When opening the app to request a ride, they simply switch to the Wheels account, instead of using their personal one. This automatically captures trip details and related expenses, eliminating the need to create a travel and expense report.

Once the information is captured, Wheels provides visibility through FleetView™, our online fleet management system. There, users can quickly review details and export reports at the trip level. The information is presented with your fleet data, adding another piece of insight into your total mobility costs.

Help Your Mobile Workforce Move How and When They Want

Mobility Budget Management
Provide your mobile workforce an established budget for ride-hailing, subway travel, city bikes and other alternate modes of mobility. Mobility budgets eliminate the need to create travel and expense reports. From dealing with tax implications to issuing mobility stipends, Wheels has the experience and tools to help boost productivity while providing mobility flexibility.

Parking Management
With Wheels parking solution, drivers reserve a space and get detailed directions to their spot, all without worrying about completing an expense report. Managers get new insight into the total cost of the trip with transparent parking rates and reduced administration tasks.







No Matter How or Where Your Business Moves, We’ll Help You Get There