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Fleet Vehicle Registration

Fleet vehicle registration is critical in keeping your fleet on the right side of the law. Wheels’ vehicle registration services proactively handle the entire process for you.

Keep Your Fleet Legal With Our Vehicle Registration Program

For as long as we’ve been in business, we’ve handled millions of fleet vehicle registrations. In fact, we manage approximately 240,000 registration renewals each year.

From handling them in-house to partnering with vendors, we identify the optimal processing method for each registration scenario. We’ve cultivated relationships, built special systems and developed detailed methods of tracking to ensure your fleet vehicles are on the road legally.

In a world where the rules can change weekly and penalties are costly, our comprehensive regulatory database and tracking process ensures all your vehicles are renewed before they expire. Across 50 states, 13 provinces/territories and countless local municipalities, we continually monitor and track complex regulations and procedures for each vehicle.

Our tenured specialists stay informed about the technicalities associated with laws governing vehicles, including licensing and tax in every jurisdiction. We keep track of the special commercial vehicle registration and plating considerations, and the information needed for registration renewals. If the rules change, we know it.

The Wheels Vehicle Registration Advantage


In-House Fulfillment

We can process a number of state and jurisdictions in house, allowing for faster processing so your vehicles stay legal.


Expert Oversight

People are the key to a proactive process — from our specialists with 325 years of combined fleet vehicle registration experience, to analysts who mine data for insights daily.


Extreme Visibility

We maintain an extensive database of detailed fleet vehicle registration information, as well as insights on transactions. That information is available to you whenever you need it.


Strong Supplier Relationships

Our regulatory partners are an extension of Wheels. Our solid relationships help keep our specialists informed and our systems updated with the most accurate information.

KPIs, In-House Processing and Expert Professionals Ensure Your Vehicles Remain Legal

Our goal is 100% compliance. High internal performance standards and driver engagement is key to providing peace of mind that your vehicles are on the road legally.

Benchmarked Performance: We continuously check our performance against a series of KPIs that focus on areas such as accuracy and timeliness. In these ways and more, Wheels ensures we’re not just meeting the requirements and deadlines, we’re exceeding them.

Driver Tools: In a perfect world, drivers wouldn’t need to get involved in their vehicle registrations. But when they do, Wheels makes it easy. We mail detailed introductions and post electronic notifications no fewer than 45 days before renewal dates.

Get Insight into the High-Level and Detailed Aspects of Your Compliance Profile

Our online fleet management portal, FleetView, provides access to up-to-the-moment registration information.

Jurisdiction Profile: Updated continually based on what we hear directly from our suppliers and what we’re experiencing with processing lead and turnaround times​.

Registration Renewal & Transfers Dashboard: View legally compliant vehicles​, renewals in process, requirement needs, vehicles with expired registration and more.

Registration Alerts: Receive an email alert to registrations approaching expiration.

Specific Vehicle Drill-Down: Open transactions, registration history and related images.

With DriverView and Wheels Mobile Assistant, your drivers can gain access to important registration information anytime and anywhere.

We’ve Eliminated the Waiting Game with Vehicles That are Compliant Before Final Delivery

Initial Plating and Registration: Whether a vehicle is shipped direct to the dealership or shipped to an upfitter, we ensure our supplier partners have all the information and paperwork they need to get their vehicle ready before it reaches the final destination. In addition, using our license plate scan feature in Wheels Mobile Assistant, drivers can quickly snap a photo of their plate if the information is missing. 

Regulatory Compliance: Wheels has a comprehensive program in partnership with our regulatory compliance vendor to manage and deliver vehicles with appropriate plating. We account for commercial motor vehicle compliance regulations, different plate types by vehicle and upfit equipment, IRP/IFTA requirements and more to ensure your fleet vehicles are work ready. 

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Our Proactive Vehicle Registration Services Ensure Your Business Gets Moving and Keeps Moving​