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Fleet Driver Safety and Training Solutions

Building a safety culture within your fleet requires a holistic approach. From score cards and automatic record checks to training and telematics, we reduce risks to help ensure your drivers get home safely each night.

Prevent Injuries and Save Lives With Our Driver Safety Program

Unsafe driving leads to violations and accidents, which have an enormous impact on your business. The Wheels Safety Program reduces your financial impact while helping to prevent injuries and save lives.

Our program covers every aspect of safety:

  • Fleet Policy Consultation: Outlines the procedures and guidelines for safe vehicle operation.
  • Motor Vehicle Record (MVR) Monitoring: Automatically identifies and flags potential problems.
  • Driver Training and Engagement: Reinforces good driving practices.
  • Driver Performance Assessment: Combines multiple data points to calculate an overall risk score.
  • Vehicle Telematics: Delivers real-time insights on risky behaviors.

Because different fleets have different safety needs, our program is customized to meet your specifications. For example, we can structure a safety program for fleets with fixed and variable rates (FAVR) and other mileage reimbursement programs. Additionally, we ensure driver compliance through our gamification platform, ChangeDriver™. Engage drivers in friendly competition to increase awareness of your policies and best practices.

We help select what you need to protect your drivers while aligning with your company’s safety goals and culture.

The Wheels Driver Safety Advantage


Comprehensive Program

From prevention to response, we customize your safety program to your company culture.


Integrated Data

Identify risk levels and trends by analyzing leading and lagging indicators.


Reduced Risk

Increase safety awareness, instill safer driving habits, and reduce accident frequency and severity.


Proven Results

Tap into a successful track record of helping companies reach their safety goals.

Keep a Closer Eye on Your High-Risk Drivers

With Wheels MVR Monitoring, you don’t have to wait to know which drivers are high risk. With immediate alerts to any events reported to a driver’s official record, you can take action sooner and avoid future issues. This allows you to avoid the hassle of combing through long reports multiple times a year.

Know sooner with automatic triggers and intervene earlier by taking corrective action immediately. Then manage expectations by focusing efforts on only those drivers that pose a risk. You can also integrate with our Driver Performance assessment tool and increase the accuracy of each risk score.

Discover How to Influence Drivers’ Behavior

Wheels Safety Training helps promote driver safety while lowering accident rates and severity. Through increased safety awareness, drivers are protected and the number of violations and accidents are reduced. Our comprehensive program offers both online and behind-the-wheel training to reinforce good driving practices. Assign drivers on an ad-hoc basis, based on predetermined criteria applied during hiring or after at-fault collisions.

Take it a step further with ChangeDriverTM. On our interactive gamification platform, drivers compete through their safe driving practices to earn points and win prizes. It’s a fully automated solution that adapts to your safety goals.

A Holistic Approach for Evaluating Drivers’ Risk Levels

Our Driver Performance Assessment tool goes beyond driver records and collision data to provide you with the most comprehensive, integrated and flexible way to evaluate your drivers’ performance.

The solution combines multiple points of driver data and events, like collision history, MVRs, training scores, manager observations, telematics information and more to calculate an overall driver score that helps you analyze risk. The events included are customizable, offering the simplest solution for measuring driver behavior per your company’s specific parameters.

The assessment integrates all your chosen driver information into a dashboard within our fleet analytics and reporting tool, FleetView™. This eliminates time spent time monitoring programs across multiple vendors.

Driver Safety Success Stories

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An Organization Dedicated to Healthcare Adopts Life-Saving Measures for Drivers

16%decrease in the number of incidents
33%reduction in related accident costs

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Meeting and Exceeding Both Sustainability and Safety Goals

70%EV Goal by the end of 2024
91%of drivers have clean MVRs

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A Tragedy is the Impetus for Improved Driver Safety

76%decrease in distractions
80%of drivers showed improvement in safety scores

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