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Sourcing Fleet Management Providers: Best Practice Considerations

Finding the right supplier for complex fleet management service contracts can be a tricky process. The traditional sourcing methods for commodities do not always produce the best results, especially if you are seeking long-term improvements in productivity or administration. Your sourcing process for a fleet management provider should be comprehensive and aligned with the specific needs of your company. It involves a complex evaluation of numerous factors, ranging from financing terms and basic capabilities to proactive consultation and service level agreements. Such an evaluation ensures that your supplier will be the best fit for the specific needs of your company’s fleet.

This white paper will explain:

  • How to understand your needs. The goal is to identify how critical the fleet is to your business as this knowledge can then be used as a guideline to identify qualifications for potential suppliers.
  • Criteria considerations. Another best practice for sourcing fleet management providers is to identify, prioritize and weigh all criteria prior to reviewing any alternatives, proposals or responses.
  • How will the benefits be measured. Some of the most difficult benefits to measure are the nonfinancial elements of your criteria (ability to attract, hire and keep the best employees, plus the functionality of the vehicles, the impact of the fleet on your business goals, etc.). These along with the financial benefits are equally important. Deciding how you will value these benefits and whether the savings promised are achievable and sustainable are imperative.
  • The detailed needs of your fleet, how you are going to select a provider and the specific criteria you will use to make that decision before beginning the bid process will save you resources and provide an objective.

To help you learn more or for more information about Fleet Management Best Practices, download Sourcing Fleet Management Providers: Best Practice Considerations resource today.

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