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Vehicle Reimbursement

Many companies need a customizable solution for their mobile workforce, which may not include company-provided vehicles. Wheels’ strategic solutions provide a stronger alternative to traditional mileage reimbursement programs.

Gain Control and Peace of Mind With Our Fixed and Variable Reimbursement Plans

We know what it takes to successfully manage a mobile workforce. When you manage 325,000 employees who drive over 4 billion miles per year, you become experts in capturing data insights.

That’s why the Wheels Reimbursement Program is different. We’ve used those experiences to enhance our services and customize our program to fit our clients’ needs.

Companies implement a mileage reimbursement program for specific reasons: low annual mileage, medical exceptions or to meet another short-term vehicle need due to business variability or acquisition. Other companies offer fixed and variable reimbursement plans as a perk, allowing drivers to choose a program that works best for them.

Regardless of the situation, Wheels offers a diverse set of customer-centric solutions to meet your needs:

  • Cents per Mile (CPM) Rate
  • Cents per Kilometer (CPK) Rate for Canada
  • Fixed and Variable Reimbursement Rate (FAVR)
  • Monthly Stipend

The Wheels Mileage Reimbursement Difference


Strategic Advice & Oversight

A dedicated account team, actionable technology and risk mitigation techniques work with your interests in mind.


Flexible Programs & Payments

Wheels’ programs and payments are fair, localized and accurate — and are customized to align with your business objectives and budget goals.


Comprehensive Driver Safety

Policy acknowledgements, customized training modules and MVR monitoring help ensure your mobile workforce makes it home safely each night.


Productivity-Focused Driver Support

Our award-winning Driver Service Center and mobile app keeps your mobile workforce safe, productive and informed.

Partner With Dedicated and Supportive Professionals

Responsive and helpful. Comforting and patient. Above and beyond. This is how our clients’ mobile workforces describe their experience with Wheels — and what your workforce can expect with both the Wheels FAVR and CPM/CPK mileage reimbursement programs.

We are always there, ready to provide world-class service including 24/7 support, 20-seconds average speed to answer and associates who are measured by the quality of calls, not length.

Our supportive nature also extends beyond your drivers to the professionals managing them. Your Fleet Consulting Manager and Account Executive are dedicated resources committed to your account and your success.

Keep Everyone Engaged and Informed

Continuous monitoring and check-ins are crucial in today’s world. The Wheels mileage reimbursement program provides the tools you need to achieve them.

With our GPS-powered, homegrown, complimentary Wheels Mobile Assistant app, your drivers have an easy way to stay connected and compliant. With our app, drivers can enroll in the program, automatically capture their business mileage and conduct other fleet-related tasks with the touch of a finger. Through Wheels, your program managers receive access to our online management technology, FleetView™, which provides data visualization tools and reporting to monitor your FAVR and CPM / CPK programs.

Mitigate Risks From Every Angle

We offer a host of services that focus on compliance to help mitigate your risks:

  • Mileage reporting verifications ensure your program is IRS-compliant
  • Insurance validation keeps your drivers legal
  • Reoccurring motor vehicle record checks and safety trainings help keep your drivers safe

In addition to these critical services, we offer a maintenance program. Managed maintenance, recall management and 24/7 roadside assistance are offered as a value-add option for the CPM / CPK program. This additional component means no unbudgeted expenses for your drivers and an extra layer of reassurance that your drivers’ vehicles are safe and represent your company image.

From FAVR and Beyond, Gain Control and Peace of Mind