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Fleet Remarketing

With depreciation accounting for the biggest part of a vehicle’s expense, it’s important to ensure you’re recouping costs by selling at the highest price. Wheels’ decades of experience, brand value and proven processes get you top dollar.

Receive Optimal Resale Results Through Our Multichannel Vehicle Remarketing Strategy

Over 40% of your total cost of ownership is depreciation. The Wheels Remarketing program recaptures most of that cost with a systematic, proven approach.

Our experience navigating the complexity of the used-vehicle market and partnering with strong suppliers allows us to identify the right buyers at the right time, so they are more likely to pay top dollar for your vehicles.

We market each vehicle in a way that brings you maximum return on your investment by:

  • Offering multiple strategies to buy — including your own employees, retail dealers and bidders at in-person or online auctions.
  • Researching market conditions; our regional specialists know the market base, have strong industry relationships, and host live and remote sales.
  • Carefully assessing each repair and reconditioning event on each unit to increase sale price and ensure high vehicle ratings, such as NAAA Silver Certified vehicles.
  • Utilizing optimum sale channels to ensure proper demand and negotiation options.
  • Offering expertise in different vehicle types and conditions that guarantee a strategic resale process, no matter the situation.

The Wheels Remarketing Difference


Multi-Faceted Approach

Throughout the remarketing cycle, we approach and appeal to different buyers to bring you faster sales, and the highest possible ROI.


Recognized Brand Value

Wheels has built and maintained a reputation of well-maintained used fleet vehicles, garnering higher value due to product loyalty and differentiation from competitors.


Trusted Partnerships

Wheels has positive, long-term relationships with auctions. Our vehicles are represented during peak times and receive prime attention.


Precise Technology

Our proprietary online remarketing system consolidates a variety of information such as industry benchmarks, vendor performance, sales results and more.

Our Proven Process Taps into Streams of Buyers to Secure the Highest Resale Value

We take a proactive approach to vehicle reselling, using our industry relationships to cast a wide net for potential buyers. In addition to leveraging vehicle sales as a valuable perk for your employees via our WheelsDirect purchase program, we also work with dealers to notify them when vehicles are available.

Our partnerships with over 100 third-party fleet remarketing vendors maximize your vehicle’s exposure to a robust resale market. We also conduct our own auctions, drawing in customers with our reputation for smooth transactions and well-maintained vehicles. By partnering with us, you reach more buyers and accelerate sales.

We Sell Your Vehicles at High-Performing Locations to Maximize Resale

Wheels’ remarketing suppliers are selected based on a multitude of criteria like resale performance, quality, financial strength, NAAA membership and systems integration. Each supplier receives a monthly scorecard with results on a variety of key performance indicators.

Suppliers can use the report card to monitor their monthly ranking versus other suppliers, as well as their YTD performance. Based on their performance, suppliers are rewarded with more vehicles to sell, promotional sales and even an award at the end of the year. ​

Our In-House Experts Leverage Market Intel to Land the Best Price

No one knows the resale landscape like we do. Did you know that eco-friendly hybrids bring higher prices in California, or that northerners inflate winter auction prices more than southerners? Our team does, and we leverage these small pieces of knowledge to create big financial advantages for your business.

We retain experts on every type of vehicle, ensuring quality remarketing solutions for service and sales fleets across industries. With proprietary sales data and frequent vendor audits, Wheels has the behind-the-scenes intel that maximizes results in quick sales. We know the resale market so you don’t have to — freeing you up to focus on your core operations.

Start Maximizing Your Return on Investment With Wheels Vehicle Remarketing