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Fleet Analytics & Reporting

Running an optimal fleet means keeping track of hundreds of different fleet management analytics and data points. No matter your role, Wheels has the advanced technology to provide access to the exact information that’s important to you.

Get the Action-Orientated Reports and Fleet Analytics You Need to Optimize Your Business

Wheels fleet operations are built on a solid foundation of data. We deliver key insights to you through our skilled Client Analytics team and via our robust Advanced Analytics tools on FleetView™.

FleetView Analytics provides an organic, intuitive experience that allows users to drill down through layers of data, from high-level key performance indicators to sophisticated dashboards at an individual driver or vehicle level. The result is a more seamless workflow versus having to run a separate report to understand what’s behind a particular trend.

FleetView is designed to include a combination of data representations for a wide variety of users. Our configurable fleet reporting tools are popular for those who want to pull down data or want data pushed to them. These reports can be automatically shared with members of the fleet team.

Have a highly customized analytics need or complex business problem to solve? Wheels has you covered with our Client Analytics team. These talented analytics build special tools, create specific reports and conduct intricate analyses based on your distinct business goals.

The Wheels Reporting & Analytics Advantage


Centralized Fleet Management Reporting

From fuel to telematics, get a full picture of your fleet and manage hundreds of data points in one location.


Digestible Data Visualization

FleetView’s interactive dashboards present data visually with drill-down features, interactive filters and shareable reports that facilitate faster analysis.


Intuitive User Experience

No matter how you prefer to consume data, from detailed reports to dynamic charts, FleetView has options to customize your experience.


Actionable Alerts and Exceptions

Cut through the data noise with 50+ alerts and driver compliance reports that identify exceptions that your fleet office needs to act on.

Customize Which Updates You Receive, and When

Wheels’ extensive fleet reporting capabilities allow you to review your daily activities to ensure you’re plans are on track. Our alerts are automatically generated and can be sent to a variety of stakeholders from the managerial level to the branch-office level.

Stay on top of exception-level events like questionable usage habits, driver risk level increases, units with missed oil changes and more. There are dozens of “alert” triggers from which you can potentially choose. These reports can be run at any time and configured to be delivered automatically to your inbox when an exception is identified.

View Pertinent Fleet Information At-A-Glance or in Rich Detail

With FleetView, you can view and analyze data in just a few clicks. Our award-winning fleet management data analytics portal offers a host of ordering/transaction controls, data review/metric dashboard capabilities, on-demand reporting repositories and industry-leading actionable analytics, including the following tools:

  • Customizable landing page dashboard tiles for on-the-spot assessment of key metrics, with extensive drill-down capabilities and more than 75 standard on-demand reports.
  • Custom Query Tool for virtually limitless custom search/reporting, and alert reports to help you identify and manage exceptions in fleet activity.
  • Secure ordering and order tracking tools that leverage electronic links with manufacturers, user-specific template structures and system-driven audits.

Access In-Depth Fleet Metrics and Analysis

Whether you are looking for highly customized analytics to help solve a unique business problem, or proactive insights to support a new opportunity, our Client Analytics Team can help. This team possesses a strong background in fleet, is skilled in the latest fleet management data analysis techniques and utilizes leading technologies like predictive analysis and trend-spotting to provide highly customized, in-depth insights to move your fleet forward.

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