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Client Results

Driver Satisfaction

We understand that your mobile workforce drives your business. We also know they spend a lot of time in their vehicles. Providing them with a vehicle that helps them get the job done, services that are easy to use, and support that is helpful and caring all make a positive impact on their overall satisfaction. Because a satisfied workforce is a productive workforce.


skilled agents take care of your branches and drivers


satisfaction score


driver service center average speed-to-answer rate

Award-Winning Branch and Driver Care

Responsive and helpful. Comforting and patient. Above and beyond. This is how our clients’ mobile workforce describe their experience with Wheels. We are always there, ready to provide world-class services with expertly trained Wheels’ associates who are measured by the quality of a call, not length.

“[Wheels] showed a tremendous example of incredible customer service and a great model that I’m going to keep in mind as I’m striving to be the best customer service person for my customers. You’ve made me feel I’m being looked after and that I’m important to you and your business.”

– Fleet Driver

Optimal Program Design

Selecting the right program, vehicle and equipment has a significant impact on your drivers’ satisfaction. Our fleet consulting managers work to understand your business, fleet objectives and goals​. They guide you through a strategic analysis focusing on what’s important to you. By offering a wide variety of mobility options — leased, reimbursement, pool solutions, ride-hailing, mobility budgets — we can recommend the right program and vehicle mix to please your drivers and stakeholders.

Easy-to-Use Technology

We offer a number of tools that help boost satisfaction rates. Between the Wheels Mobile Assistant app and DriverView online user portal, your drivers will feel connected to important fleet information. And with Wheels Direct, drivers can purchase their soon-to-be-off-lease vehicle for a great price.

Driver Satisfaction Success Stories

Success Story

Biopharmaceutical Company Reduced Its Carbon Footprint With a Strategic, Two-step Approach  

81%of the fleet transitioned to hybrids 
12%of the fleet transitioned to battery electric vehicles (BEV) 

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Success Story

Standardizing Acquisition and Upfit to Reach 100% Order Accuracy

100%order status reporting accuracy
93%on-time completion of upfitter changes

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Success Story

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Keep your drivers top of mind with the tools needed to keep them satisfied, safe and on the road​.

Driver Safety

A commitment to driver safety sends a message that you care.


A fun and creative way to motivate and recognize drivers.


Uncover options to fit your drivers’ needs and wants.


Avoid downtime and stressful situations.

Toll & Violations

No more itemized expenses, no more managing transponders.

Fuel Management

Easy transactions and no out-of-pocket expenses.

Raise Your Driver Satisfaction Levels With Wheels