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Branch & Driver Support

Supporting your different stakeholders and fielding their questions can be challenging. Our advanced fleet management support technology streamlines that complexity, offering the tools that are easy to use and always available.

Our Powerful Technology and Personalized Service Delivers the Best Branch & Driver Support

As your business and fleet continues to evolve, so do your support needs. And as the number of stakeholders increase, so does the number of inquiries and related administrative tasks. Providing that support yourself can be a strain on your company’s time, resources and funds. Wheels understands those challenges — so when your people in the field need information, we provide the right answers thoroughly, courteously and efficiently. We offer 24/7 driver and branch support in a single turn-key solution, no matter the challenges your fleet encounters.

Outstanding branch and driver support demand well-trained people, innovative technology and flexible solutions to weather any situation. With our advanced branch and driver support technology, Wheels is equipped — and always ready — to provide you with the most complete and dependable support in the fleet industry.

The Wheels Driver & Branch Support Advantage


Personalized Service

Skill-based routing, customized profiles and robust interfaces provide our people the information required to meet your specific needs.


Advanced Solutions

Leading technology solutions help us plan, forecast, monitor and manage your experiences in real time to ensure a positive user experience.


Reliable Resources

Our support offerings are always at the ready due to test-proven backup plans that provide seamless service, even in contingency situations.

Our Driver Service Center Is Built to Scale and Serve

For your mobile workforce to stay productive you need reliable, around-the-clock support. When your drivers call Wheels they’re greeted with prompt, comprehensive service for all their vehicle-related concerns including maintenance, collision, vehicle registration and more. Our support center uses state-of-the-art technology to optimize responsiveness, ensuring a positive experience for your drivers.

  • All driver calls are answered via a client-specific, dedicated toll-free number.
  • Skill-based routing directs each call to an associate fully trained in that subject area.
  • Associates access an interface that displays vehicle-specific data and your specific policy.
  • Associates are measured on a range of specific skills.

Wheels Provides the Tools to Give Your Branch Managers Autonomy

Our online user portal, FleetView, provides a host of advanced analytics and reporting functionality that provide at-a-glance dashboard views, drilldown-level detail, extensive customization and alert notifications for all key data points down to the branch level. Reports can be scheduled and pushed directly to your branch managers so they can make decisions for their specific business unit.

Branch Assist provides personalized and streamlined support to all branch managers. Branch Assist leverages all the technology in the Driver Service Center, including skill-based routing. This directs each call to a trained professional who will answer questions and guide decisions specific to a regionalized fleet structure.

Our Selection of Online and Mobile Driver-Facing Technologies Keeps Drivers Connected and Productive

Wheels’ DriverView provides your drivers with any-time access to important fleet-related information along with the ability to easily and conveniently conduct a variety of transactions, such as vehicle ordering and mileage reporting, and keep track of open action items, such as safety recalls and oil changes.

Our Wheels Mobile Assistant app integrates directly with DriverView but contains features specifically built to the mobile experience.

In addition, through tools like our WheelsDirect program, drivers are afforded the opportunity to purchase vehicles coming out of service. And through our ChangeDriver solution, they have access to an engaging gamification tool that helps build program awareness and drive best practices.

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