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Fleet Selection & Vehicle Ordering

Vehicle selection is one of the most important fleet management decisions you’ll make. Configure and order the right vehicles for your fleet with our proprietary web-based tools.

Obtain the Optimal Vehicles for Your Fleet with Wheels Selection & Ordering Technology

The vehicles you select for your fleet has long-term impacts on your business. Getting it right requires careful consideration of a variety of factors. Wheels Selection Modeler™ streamlines the fleet vehicle selection process to help you find options that make sense for your fleet and business objectives.

Wheels Vehicle Selection Modeler creates a truly quantifiable process with contract pricing included. Collaborate among your stakeholders with concurrent use among team members. Additionally, make fully informed decisions with side-by-side comparisons and “what-if” scenarios.

Allow your corporate initiatives to take center stage with filterable options for sustainability, safety, compliance and more. No matter the goal of your fleet, our tool offers a streamlined way to create the ideal selector for everyone involved.

Vehicles that are configured in Selection Modeler are saved as templates to help facilitate easy ordering. Our online ordering systems, FleetViewTM and DriverViewTM, provide a guided approach to ordering, offering real-time validations on order configurations (so your drivers can’t make a mistake), and automatic manufacturer incentives audit (so you get the negotiated price).

The Wheels Vehicle Selection & Ordering Advantage


Optimize Total Cost of Ownership

From fuel economy to resale value, every TCO consideration is baked into Wheels Selection Modeler, saving you time as you control costs.


Prioritize Corporate Initiatives

Easily make corporate mandates like safety and sustainability a top priority with Wheels Selection Modeler’s built-in filters.


Boost Driver Satisfaction

Maximize your drivers’ time with an intuitive vehicle ordering process that offers step-by-step, error-free guidance.


Maximize Driver Productivity

Easily equip each vehicle with the tools drivers need to work efficiently. Productivity selections, such as lift gate and cargo space enhancements are at your fingertips.

Get the Clearest View Into Total cost of Ownership

With Wheels Selection Modeler, you can account for “what if” scenarios as part of the evaluation process, ensuring you have full insights into the long-term effects and life-cycle costs of the models you choose. Unlike other vehicle ordering systems, this tool enables you to search, configure and compare combinations for any model to ensure it aligns with your budget.

Our system uses full contract pricing, manufacturer incentives and current replacement timing to create custom life cycle analyses, adding another valuable tool to your ordering toolkit.

Reduce Research Time Spent Searching Specification Sites

The Wheels Selection Modeler database contains over 6,500 vehicle models in all possible configurations. Our platform is designed to give you full visibility into the fleet vehicles that satisfy your full fleet criteria.

The vehicle models displayed in Wheels Selection Modeler are referenced directly from auto manufacturers’ catalogs — including vehicle packages, upfit options and technical specifications. With both fleet-standard and client-specific pricing, you can view ordering projections tailored to your fleet. Vehicle options at this scale result in a satisfying vehicle purchase, increasing your confidence in your decision.

Easily Order Vehicles and Get Full Transparency of the Process With Our Web-Based Tools

Once your vehicle templates are finalized in Wheels Selection Modeler, fleet managers and drivers can place orders directly within FleetView and DriverView, respectively. Those orders are automatically transmitted to the manufacturer.

We provide automated monitoring of expected delivery times through manufacturer system integrations. Up-to-date vehicle status reports are easily accessible in FleetView, FleetView Mobile app, DriverView and the Wheels Mobile Assistant app. These tools offering the easy of checking vehicle status, on the go.

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