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Full Fleet Outsourcing Solutions

Managing a fleet brings strategic and administrative complexities. For some companies, managing these tasks in house is not possible. Wheels’ full fleet outsourcing solution provides the support you need when your team cannot.

Increase Your Productivity and Streamline Your Fleet Management Operations With Our Comprehensive Fleet Management Outsourcing Solution

We understand you need a fleet leader with the experience and expertise to handle the many complex details of your business when your team cannot. The outsourcing framework of Wheels Fleet Administration program supports the needs of any modern fleet.

From fielding driver questions to handling maintenance decisions, the Wheels Fleet Administration program helps you stay focused on the big picture. We take care of your drivers, manage exceptions and monitor compliance based on your policy.

Fleet Administration includes a range of services and tools including vehicle surplus management, vehicle re-assignment decisions, rental oversight, new hire and termination requests, exception reporting and more.

With full fleet outsourcing from Wheels, it’s possible to delegate these time-consuming tasks so you can focus on other priorities. Leave the fleet policy, driver, vehicle and decision management to us.

The Wheels Fleet Outsourcing Advantage


Proactive Driver Management

We proactively manage your drivers’ behavior and inquiries to reinforce your fleet policy ensuring they’re safe, compliant and legal.


Comprehensive Vehicle Management

When enrolled in Fleet Administration, you get access to our vehicle management tool, along with a dedicated associate to actively manage your surplus inventory.


Strategic Decision Management

Through the establishment of business rules and detailed profiles, we are empowered to make informed decisions on your behalf.


Extreme Accountability

With repeatable, scheduled reporting and regular business reviews, you’ll have complete transparency into your fleet’s KPIs and progress.

Relinquish the Day-to-Day Driver Management to Us so You Can Focus on Your Long-Term Objectives

Our Driver Support Center handles all day-to-day driver communication to ensure your drivers have the information they need to remain productive. Our 24/7 support center is knowledgeable and qualified to field any call, including policy, service and vehicle inquiries.

A key part of our driver and fleet management outsourcing strategy focuses on outreach. While we’re always on hand to field driver inquires, we take it a step further with a structured outreach approach to help keep drivers compliant with your fleet policy. For example, they are reminded to address preventative maintenance needs and to stay in network for repairs.

Effectively Move and Allocate the Vehicles Within Your Inventory to Save Costs and Time

With our Vehicle Inventory Management program, we oversee your vehicle surplus so you’re putting those units to good use and avoiding any unnecessary costs. Your dedicated associate facilitates the proper driver assignment, vehicle selection and services needed.

You’ll always know where vehicles are located with real-time visibility into your surplus. Our online platform FleetView™ is integrated with transportation providers, granting you the latest location data for each vehicle. Additionally, with your Vehicle Inventory Requests Dashboard, you’ll have insight into high-level trends like request open and closure time frames, and individual requests through the more detailed view.

With Integrated Business Rules and Systems, We’ll Execute Decisions on Your Behalf.

Based on pre-agreed upon profiles and parameters, we can make decisions as an acting member of your fleet office. Detailed profiles and case management tools allow us to freely make strategic choices as long as they’re within the approved threshold.

Additionally, our detailed profiles ensure your company’s parameters and policies are followed. When a driver calls us with an inquiry, we answer based on your written policy. You get full transparency with request visualization through FleetView and during regular business reviews.

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