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Fleet Management Mobile Apps

Staying connected and productive on the go has never been easier. Wheels fleet apps, FleetViewTM Mobile and Wheels Mobile Assistant, were created for your business success.

Power Your Fleet’s Productivity With Our Mobile Applications

Mobile connectivity for key tasks is important to fleet professionals, as it improves productivity. No matter your role — manager or driver — you need advanced technology to stay connected to the fleet information that’s most important to you. Our fleet apps — Wheels Mobile Assistant and FleetView Mobile — help you do just that.

For your drivers, Wheels Mobile Assistant acts as your driver’s fleet assistant, in the palm of their hand. It is designed to facilitate productivity by providing important fleet information anywhere, anytime. It saves drivers time by providing quick and efficient paths to take care of critical compliance requirements. To date, we’ve helped fleets save over 200,000 driver productivity hours with Wheels Mobile Assistant.

For you and your managers, FleetView Mobile is our fleet management application that helps managers stay connected to important fleet activity while on the go. It offers quick search, answers and actions available at your fingertips.

Our fleet apps are an easy data collection and monitoring system — drivers and managers can manage mandatory items faster and easier.

The Wheels Mobile App Advantage


Intuitive Insights

Designed using UX best practices and enhanced with user insights, our apps present information in an organized and actionable manner.


Multi-Program Support

Summon a ride, reserve a pool vehicle or allow reimbursement drivers to report mileage – our mobile apps provide support for a variety of mobility program needs.


Seamless Integration

Our apps are fully integrated with our browser-based user portals FleetView and DriverView, providing a seamless transfer of information from different devices.


Advanced Technology

Experience industry-leading features like odometer snaps and license scans that are powered by machine learning.

Your Driver’s Productivity-Enhancing Partner

The Wheels Mobile Assistant allows drivers to access a variety of information with over 150 features. Insurance cards, vehicle registrations, company policies, maintenance schedules, safety recall notifications, fuel PINs, vehicle order status and more can be obtained with a simple tap or swipe.

Wheels Mobile Assistant’s unique features provide an easy way for drivers to stay program compliant — and safe and legal while on the road. Our mileage logging features store and estimate mileage for driver verification. License Plate Capture and Photo Snap flags missing license plate information, then offers a way to easily add. And with our enhanced roadside support, users request tow service and monitor arrival on maps and with text alerts.

The Manager’s Streamlined On-the-Go Technology

In FleetView Mobile app, users will find the most requested functions of our browser-based application, FleetView. The first native application of its kind, FleetView Mobile provides managers the ability to perform important tasks quickly, whether on the road or in a meeting.

Our search and connect feature allows users to quickly look up a vehicle in the system, and call drivers without leaving the app. Other key features include the ability to approve a maintenance repair, and see alerts related to important fleet program compliance activity.

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