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Fleet Fuel Management & EV Charging

Fuel is one of fleets’ top expense categories. While you can’t control prices, Wheels’ fleet fuel management program helps you track patterns and take control of your spend.

Pinpoint Waste to Save Gallons, Dollars and Emissions With Wheels’ Fleet Fuel Program

Fueling your fleet is expensive, underscoring the importance of smart fuel management. Wheels fleet fuel services help you gain control of fuel spending with a turnkey solution that’s easy for drivers to use. With our advanced fuel tracking capabilities, you can capture precise transaction data to help you analyze fuel purchases and detect fraud. Wheels also creates efficient plans for charging your electric vehicles and keeping them road-ready.

Our fleet fuel management approach makes program utilization and compliance easy for your drivers. They simply fill their tanks with the Wheels fuel card, which is accepted at 165,000 gas stations nationwide. At participating stations, drivers can use their mobile phones for a quick and safe way to pay. Electric vehicle drivers also benefit from using a card to charge up while on the road. No matter how you fuel or charge, Wheels’ integrated solutions keeps you on the road toward achieving your cost-control and sustainability goals.

The Wheels Fuel & EV Charging Advantage


Proactive Program Control

Strategic consultation on vehicle selection, driver behavior and trip planning ensures efficient fueling and charging practices.


Data-Driven Insights

Our daily monitoring, advanced fleet fuel tracking and exception reporting help you quickly identify drivers with fraudulent or non-compliant fueling practices.


Multi-Level Support

Attentive program administration, robust data capture and productivity-focused driver tools keeps your fleet efficiently fueled and powered.

Make Better Decisions With Quality Data

Robust data collection and accurate reporting are key to making decisions that will optimize your fleet.

Wheels’ fuel data leads to meaningful changes. From saving hundreds of thousands of dollars on fuel costs with lighter upfit equipment to eliminating carbon emissions with electric vehicles or streamlining vehicle replacement planning with enhanced odometer accuracy, quality fuel data informs the decisions that matter to your organization.

Fueling and EV charging transaction details are downloaded to our billing and reporting system, FleetView. There, our comprehensive dashboards guide you in visualizing trends and interpreting data so you can apply it in ways that meet your business objectives.

Gain Confidence, Convenience and Control by Electrifying Your Fleet

If your fleet includes electric vehicles, we offer charging solutions with the same level of convenience as their gas-powered counterparts. We help ensure your EVs are ready for the day by coordinating the installation of a home charging solution. While on the road, drivers can use a mobile app to locate the nearest charging station and power up with their Wheels electric fuel charge card.

You can also expect Wheels to handle card administration, consolidate billing and provide detailed reporting that fully support your EV charging needs.

Speed Up Your Reactions to Fraud and Misuse

Our fleets experience the lowest levels of fraud in the industry, which is accomplished by a systematic multi-tiered approach.

Our fleet fuel management team monitors fraud daily using our proprietary fraud detection system. It automatically identifies and flags suspected theft and fraudulent usage for appropriate action.

For managers, we provide exception reporting and alerts, making it easy to spot drivers who fuel outside of policy parameters.

With our mobile app, drivers have access to the Fuel Insights feature which displays the driver’s average MPG and fuel transaction history. Suspicious or inaccurate transactions appear in red to encourage better future behavior.

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