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Our Approach

Strategic Fleet Consulting & Results+

Wheels provides strategic fleet consulting through our Results+ Fleet Performance Program, a multi-tiered, data-driven approach led by your Fleet Consulting Manager. Our team of seasoned professionals continually review your fleet data, tap into industry trends and analyze relevant benchmarking intelligence to identify opportunities.

Our strategic fleet consulting is strengthened and supported by a dedicated client analytics team that helps interpret key fleet data and create tools for actionable analysis.

Strategic Fleet Management Consulting Maximizes the Value of Your Fleet


Customer Driven

Our team of strategic consultants puts your fleet first. We’ve spent decades creating a proactive approach built around your needs.


Forward Thinking

Leveraging our extensive experience and diverse client base, we bring new ideas that align with trends in our industry, your industry and global marketplaces.


Results Focused

Our fleet management consulting team promises to deliver optimal fleet results. They work tirelessly to ensure that your fleet contributes to your overall business success.


Continuous Accountability

Optimizing your fleet is an ongoing process. Once we reach your goals, we set new ones, holding ourselves accountable to improving your fleet each year.

We Work to Understand Your Business by Asking Questions and Listening

No two fleets should be managed the same way, which is why we gain a deep level of understanding of how your specific fleet contributes to your business. We collaborate with you to discover new ways to achieve your goals and overcome challenges.

Your Program Is Customized Based on What Matters Most to You

Our exclusive segmentation model works to identify a course of action based on the results you need for each vehicle function in your fleet. The result is a highly defined, prioritized annual business plan that guides our actions.

We Are Accountable to Deliver on the Plans We Develop Together

With Wheels, you will always know where you stand on your goals and objectives. You’ll receive regular, detailed periodic performance reviews ​and an annual business review documenting progress on your expenses, key performance indicators and specific initiatives.

Our Optimal Fleet Approach Evolves as Your Fleet Improves

We measure our success by our ability to continually improve in ways that are most important to you. Results+ Fleet Performance Program delivers a top-performing fleet at the lowest possible cost year after year.

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