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Fleet Accident Management

While prevention is always the goal, accidents happen. We’re always ready to assist with caring and accessible support — from towing and rentals to repair shops and subrogation. With Wheels, drivers can expect quality care.

Quickly Get Your Vehicles & Drivers Safely Back on the Road With Our Accident Management Program

Accidents are stressful. When these events happen, it’s important to provide fleet drivers with quality support and easy access to resources. The moment we receive your driver’s call, our specialists are ready to help.

Our Wheels Driver Services associates can quickly provide information on rental, towing and policy guidance. Each person is trained in customer service and evaluated on the basis of call quality — not speed — so they stay on the line as long as necessary to ensure a positive resolution. They’re empowered to quickly meet your driver’s needs for a tow, rental and more.

To ensure repairs are conducted correctly and for the appropriate price, we employ I-CAR Platinum Certified experts, the industry’s highest level of qualification, and maintain their expertise through continuing education and recertification. Referencing vehicle data across services, our experts verify that each repair ensures your driver’s safety, reflects appropriate pricing and is executed promptly to get your vehicle back on the job. And if another party was at fault, our subrogation team ensures you recoup each dollar owed to you.

The Wheels Accident Management Advantage


Quality Driver Care

From asking about their condition to empowering them with easy access to resources, we’re available to assist your drivers after an accident.


Trained Specialists

Our certified in-house driver safety experts use your vehicle history, fleet data and policy guidelines to make informed decisions in your place.


Vetted Supplier Partners

We evaluate each supplier partner and monitor their performance regularly to ensure they’re meeting or exceeding every service expectation.

We Remove the Guesswork With Vetted Repair Shops, Providing Quality and Efficient Work

We select the best repair shops on your behalf. We evaluate them by independent ratings, their approach to repairs, geographic coverage to serve your drivers and pricing competitiveness. Then we supervise them closely, incorporating feedback from both Wheels advisors and your drivers to ensure their repairs are meeting our high standards for quality and punctuality.

You get the best from our suppliers because we treat them as partners, building relationships and paying them promptly once the work is done. Shops are proud to be members of the Wheels network, and it’s a status they work hard to keep.

The Industry’s Best Accident Management Professionals are on Hand, Ready to Assist You

Wheels I-CAR Platinum Certified in-house experts make the right recommendations based on your vehicle data and history. We ensure the reported damage is consistent with collision accounts, while also taking time to inspect for hidden damage to ensure a complete recommendation and estimate is provided upfront​. Costs are closely monitored, and repairs are scheduled to keep drivers productive.

Recovering Every Dollar That’s Owed to You

Accidents generate many kinds of costs legitimately owed to you by third parties. These can include repairs, rentals, towing and diminished vehicle value. Wheels’ certified experts successfully recover those dollars for you.

No claim is too small for us to pursue​. In 11% of claims, Wheels recovers more than 100% of the available recovery amount​. Our experts quickly review all claims to identify those with recovery potential​.

Subrogationists partner with our account teams and repair specialists to build the best case by gathering details, invoices, vehicle value and other opportunities​ to ensure we’re maximizing return.

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