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Our Approach

Fleet Technology & Security Solutions

Today, fleet management requires fleet and driver technology to maximize efficiency, reduce expenses and improve safety. That’s why technology is integrated into every facet of Wheels’ operations — from managing calls in the Driver Services Center to creating industry-leading web and mobile applications.

Our advanced fleet management technology streamlines complex fleet management processes, offering easy-to-use solutions that optimize your fleet.


transactions per year completed quickly and accurately


unique data fields available in our client-facing and driver technology


client security audits passed annually, on average


custom supplier partner integrations

Our Advanced Fleet Technology Propels Your Business Forward


24/7 Connectivity

Our robust fleet technology investment ensures we have a secure foundation to keep your fleet on the cutting edge without interruption.


Thoughtful Design

Each new fleet tool undergoes a multi-step, user experience design process to create a comfortable and intuitive experience for every member of your team.


High-Performing Functionality

Our proprietary web-based and fleet mobile apps are stacked with efficiency-driving features, such as vehicle delivery confirmations and mileage assistance.


Secure Data

Adhering to NIST & ISO standards, our multi-level fleet security program leverages industry best practices to prevent and respond to any event — 24/7.

We’re Dedicated to Providing the Highest Quality, Efficiency and Security

Technology is only as strong as the fleet security infrastructure that supports it. We’ve developed a comprehensive security program that provides peace of mind to our clients.

Leveraging best practices from a variety of standard security frameworks, our system works to identify, protect, detect and respond to security risks.

We’re Continuously Improving to Ensure Our Products Meet Your Growing Needs

The industry is constantly adapting to innovations across business ecosystems. You need agility to stay ahead, which is why we continuously improve everything we do, including the development of our numerous awarding-winning fleet technology applications.

We Strive to Introduce Industry-First Products in Novel Spaces

First in fleet. It’s a badge of honor we earned after inventing the leasing industry in 1939. Since then, we’ve kept that revolutionary spirit alive. From fleet’s first computerized vehicle ordering system to our exclusive online gamification program, Wheels stays ahead to meet your fleet and driver technology needs.

Related Wheels Technology

Our suite of advanced fleet tools are designed to simplify administration, power decisions and deliver impact.

Reporting & Analytics

Our multi-layer experience makes spotting trends and taking action has never been easier.

Expense Planning & Forecasting

Keep your leadership team informed and expenses on track with exportable and sharable expense reports.

Vehicle Selection & Ordering

Build a robust yet strategic selector that maximizes drivers’ productivity and satisfaction.


Influence drivers’ behavior while creating cost savings with ChangeDriver™.

Mobile Apps

Record mileage, approve maintenance, reserve a pool vehicle and more with our suite of mobile apps.

Branch & Driver Support

Receive 24/7 specialized support with our desktop tools, mobile app and call center.

Learn More About Powering Your Fleet With Cutting-Edge Technology