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Client Results

Revenue Generation

Your fleet is an important business tool. No matter your industry, your mobile workforce drives growth in your company’s bottom line.

Every step of the way, Wheels taps into the revenue generation potential of your fleet. Expect strategic advice from our fleet and truck consultants, expert care from our driver and branch support team, productivity-enhancing tools and reporting to provide oversight to it all.

Strategic Consulting and Results+

Using our proprietary Results+ Fleet Performance methodology we work to understand the results you need from your fleet, then build a plan to get you there. We offer advice on how to maximize your driver’s time behind the wheel, your vehicle’s branding opportunity, and your fleet’s inventory management and utilization practices.

Downtime Avoidance

When a vehicle is down, it may negatively impact your revenue. This is why you need a fleet management company that helps you manage downtime from a variety of angles. Proactive preventive maintenance, program compliance reporting, strategic inventory management, contingency planning and assurance of supply are just some of the ways we work to avoid downtime.

Branch & Driver Support

No matter when they call, your branch managers and drivers will always speak with a professional who is equipped to answer their question. Our branch and driver support team provides a superior level of care so your mobile workforce can stay focused on their jobs.

“Seamless service… I am grateful that my day will remain on schedule.”  

– Wheels Customer

Revenue Generation Success Stories

Success Story

Biopharmaceutical Company Reduced Its Carbon Footprint With a Strategic, Two-step Approach  

81%of the fleet transitioned to hybrids 
12%of the fleet transitioned to battery electric vehicles (BEV) 

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Success Story

Standardizing Acquisition and Upfit to Reach 100% Order Accuracy

100%order status reporting accuracy
93%on-time completion of upfitter changes

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Success Story

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Related Wheels Services

Services and technology to help optimize the time your drivers spend behind the wheel and ensure your company is well represented on the road.

Vehicle Acquisitions & Upfitting

Truck consultants work to ensure your fleet upfitting needs act as a moving advertisement by showcasing your brand.

Vehicle Telematics

Unlock opportunities to gather real-time information about your fleet to help optimize its revenue generation potential.

Reporting & Analytics

FleetView offers fleet utilization reports and dashboards to zero in on the productivity levels of vehicles, and their drivers, in your fleet.


Maximize fleet productivity with a streamlined fleet maintenance process.

Mobile Application

Enhance driver productivity with features that keep drivers connected to important fleet information.

Vehicle Registration

Keeps your fleet vehicles legally on the road with proper plating and timely registrations.

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