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Vehicle Telematics

Vehicle connectivity is propelling the future of mobility and fleet management by providing visibility into key vehicle insights. With Wheels vehicle telematics programs you’ll get a safer, more productive, compliant and cost-effective fleet.

Gain the Data and Insights to Transform Your Fleet With Wheels Vehicle Telematics

Fleet telematics is becoming more than a nice to have. The data collected through telematics is a source for critical information in helping to optimize fleets. The Wheels Vehicle Telematics Program is designed to help you achieve a variety of business-enhancing results:

  • Productivity: Route and track driver progress with detailed reports and real-time information.
  • Compliance: Ensure commercial motor vehicle compliance and more with automated reporting.
  • Sustainability: Gather driver behavior and other crucial information to inform your green fleet initiatives.
  • Safety: Discover high-risk drivers and correct behavior in real time.
  • Optimization: Analyze in-depth metrics and trends regarding fuel, maintenance and other fleet concerns.

Wheels’ robust infrastructure makes your fleet telematics goals a reality. We support connections with traditional plug-in devices and direct-from-vehicle manufactures. Our process ensures your data is consistent, fair and secure. All your data sources are integrated into our FleetView™ and DriverView™ systems, allowing you to easily access advanced analytics for robust trends and forecasts — so you can make strategic short- and long-term plans for your fleet.

The Wheels Vehicle Telematics Advantage


Efficient Connectivity

Pulling data from and sending it to the vehicle, we enable multi-modal connections to support all your connectivity needs.


Robust Data Transformation

Our equitable platform ensures you receive accurate and standardized data, no matter your connection type.


Impactful Integration

From distilling big data into actionable analysis to turbo charging your existing products and services, you’ll get an integrated view into impactful data.


Continuous Optimization

Our vehicle connectivity platform is built to support this evolving space so your fleet and business can evolve along with it.

Create a Strong Safety Culture With Granular Insights Into Driver Behavior

Until collisions reach zero, drivers are in danger of injury, or worse. Even if you have an expansive safety program for your fleet, there’s always more to be done. Vehicle telematics offers new ways to keep drivers safe:

Advanced Driver Coaching
Fleet connectivity allows the fleet office to manage each driver’s safety in real time. Easily track risky driving behaviors like speeding, sudden braking and harsh cornering.

Comprehensive Reporting
Fleet connectivity tools provide the insights that are missing, compiling them into a dashboard. View high-level trends like top speeding violations, and the most aggressive drivers.

Create an Informed Framework for Your Sustainability Plans With Fleet Telematics

The number of organizations implementing a strategy to reduce their impact on the environment is growing each year. When it comes to fleets, the approach to sustainability is a nuanced one. No two fleets have the same path. Yet, telematics data helps us determine the right path to take with its range of insights.

Vehicle Selection
The data provided by vehicle telematics such as driver behavior, odometer readings, trip data, maintenance needs and more can provide answers to your fleet sustainability questions.

Emission Measurements
With fleet connectivity tools, you can get greenhouse gas rates for your fleet vehicles.

Help Drivers Get the Job Done With Fewer Obstacles

Vehicle telematics help drive productivity in the following ways:

Vehicle Tracking
Fleet connectivity tools allow you to get both a high-level overview and granular breakdown of where vehicles are, and where they’ve been.

Route Management
Take the guesswork away from drivers on which direction to head to a service stop by establishing the route with prioritized stops.

Utilization Insight
For vehicles located at a plant or customer site you can track dwell time, entry and exit times, and minor movements.

Vehicle Health Monitoring
Establish gauges for engine lights and other maintenance issues to productively manage those occurrences.

Vehicle Telematics Success Stories

Success Story

Implementing an IRS Compliant Personal Use Reporting Process and Getting Drivers Onboard

90%compliance in the US and 93% in Canada 
79%Mobile app usage 

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Success Story

An Organization Dedicated to Healthcare Adopts Life-Saving Measures for Drivers

16%decrease in the number of incidents
33%reduction in related accident costs

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Success Story

A Driver App Campaign Results in Improved Driver Satisfaction While Freeing Up the Fleet Manager for Strategic Initiatives

90%Mobile App Usage – up from 50%
40%reduction in administrative time for the Fleet Manager

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Success Story

Real-Time Driver Data Leads to Increased Safety, Reduced Maintenance Spending

22%Reduction in maintenance spend
550/600Vehicles replaced in 7 months

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