Supplier Management: Ensuring Reliable Fleet Supply | Wheels
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Our Approach

Supplier Management

Wheels’ supplier relationship management grew out of our experience working with the world’s best procurement organizations, then adapted to the specifics of the fleet industry and our own high standards.​

Our procurement team acts as category managers with deep operational experience, strong procurement skills and long-standing relationships. We are accountable to you, operating under the strategy of taking responsibility for every supplier event and experience.


suppliers managed across North America


driver satisfaction


suppliers per month added, removed or adjusted


average annual spend with diverse suppliers

Our Supplier Management Delivers the Best and Most Reliable Suppliers and Service


Financial Value

Wheels is a fleet partner with the strongest suppliers at competitive prices. We pass that value along to you.


Supply Assurance

We employ a vast network of suppliers with contractual protections and process oversight to ensure that our supply chain delivers reliable services no matter the situation.


Safety & Satisfaction

Qualitative and end-to-end performance management ensures you receive the best performing suppliers.

We Understand the Supply Landscape to Deliver the Best Suppliers

Strategic Supplier Selection
Many factors are evaluated to ensure we work with the right suppliers. We look for long-term partnerships that align with our values and have demonstrated results. Our regular coverage analyses ensure we have a geographical footprint that reflects our client needs, different service capabilities and diversity spend commitments.

Supplier Evaluation
Through competitive analyses, risk assessments and regular RFI / RFP activity, we understand the fleet supplier landscape to deliver you the best fleet supply chain.

Our Strong Planning and Onboarding Strategies Reduce Risk

Contract Management
Clear expectations enable partnerships to thrive. Our supplier relationship management includes a robust set of standards to which suppliers are required to adhere such as service level agreements, warranty pass through, indemnity protections and data privacy guidelines.

Supplier Onboarding
Getting it right from the start enables long-term partnership success. We establish detailed robust supplier profiles to ensure alignment with all parties.

Wheels Nurtures Strong Relationships for Optimal Service and Supplier Success

Relationship Management
We collaborate closely with our supplier partners to strengthen the way we do business together​. ​ Both our procurement teams and operational employees have intimate knowledge of their specific categories and what matters to their suppliers.

Performance & Value
Quality and continuous improvement is embedded in Wheels culture, and the reason why we hold our supplier partners accountable to the same standards. Through surveys, regular business reviews, scorecards, audits, Kaizen events and more, we measure and drive performance through our fleet supply chain.

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We leverage our strategic supplier management process across all of our services as our supplier partners play a critical role in service delivery success.


Receive industry-leading coverage and a robust network of highly rated suppliers. 

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Work with trusted partners that repair your vehicle right the first time. 


Help your vehicles stay fueled and charged, even during an emergency.

Vehicle Acquisition & Upfitting

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Vehicle Registration

Leverage our partnerships and tap into years of operational experience to deliver on-time vehicle registrations.


Get top dollar for your vehicle through our extensive experience and network.

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