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Electric Vehicles

Whether you are working toward zero-emission mobility or simply a champion for ESG, Wheels brings fleet management electrification goals within your reach with a suite of electric vehicle solutions.

Build a greener fleet management program with Wheels’ electric vehicle services.

The number of organizations implementing a strategy to reduce their impact on the environment is growing each year. While there are many different green fleet management tactics to put into action, the sustainability spotlight is shining brightest on electric vehicles (EVs).

For many companies fleet electrification is uncharted territory with new technologies, new behaviors, and new strategies to learn. Often leaving companies with more questions than answers. Wheels brings clarity to this situation, with the experience, solutions and commitment that will help you move forward on your fleet electrification journey. From thinking and planning to implementing and enhancing, no matter what stage you are in, Wheels can help.

The Wheels Electric Vehicle Difference


Time-tested Experience

Leveraging decades of experience and broad data set, our services are customized around your electrification goals.


Turn-key Solutions

From strategic assessments and charger installation to electricity reimbursement, we have a full suite of EV solutions.


Long-term Commitment

As a partner with a long-term focus and commitment to ESG, we want to help make a difference.

Strategic Assessment

Part of our standard Results+ Fleet Performance Program offering, the EcoWheels EV Assessment tool includes the details you need to make a strategic decision on electrifying your fleet. The tool looks across many available data sets – fuel, telematics, maintenance, distance driven – to understand your fleets driving habits. The result: a clear account of suitable vehicles, drivers, and related operating costs.

Electric Vehicle Education

EVs may take a little getting used to, both for the company providing them and for the people driving them. We have a number of EV resources to help ensure you have the information needed to have informed discussions and feel confident that your drivers are operating their vehicles safely.

For example, our Safety Training Module: Educating the EV Operator is a must have for fleets adding EVs to their fleet mobility line-up. This online module covers important information needed to operate an EV safely such as acceleration and braking, range optimization, preventive maintenance and more. For managers, our EV Resource Center consolidates important information for EV novices and pros alike.

Electric Vehicle Charging and Reimbursement

We help ensure your EVs are ready for the day by coordinating charging solutions. While on the road, drivers can use a mobile app to locate the nearest charging station and power up their EV. We can support assessment of home charging feasibility and handle the end-to-end installation experience for your drivers.

Wheels offers the only EV Home-charging Reimbursement solution in the industry. We manage and oversee the entire reimbursement process: from consulting on the appropriate reimbursement rate and payout frequency to driver enrollment and ongoing support.

Work with Wheels to Charge Up Your Electric Vehicle Goals