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Gamification is a proven technique for encouraging positive behaviors. Our gamification platform, ChangeDriver™, uses incentives and friendly competition to promote good-for-fleet activities. Whether your goal is to ensure policy compliance or promote safe driving behavior, ChangeDriver can help.

Influence Driver Behavior With ChangeDriver’s Power of Positive Reinforcement

Changing driver behavior can be a challenge. It’s often expensive and hard to accomplish without the right tools. Yet studies show that people are more likely to do something if it’s part of a game.

That’s why we harnessed the power of incentives and friendly competition to transform fleet driving behavior through our ChangeDriver gamification platform.

ChangeDriver encourages corporate citizenship through constant feedback and scores in online team-based competitions. We’ve made it easy to leverage positive reinforcement to achieve significant results. Whether you want to encourage use of in-network maintenance providers or lower collision rates, ChangeDriver substantially moves the needle toward fleet efficiency.

With our gamification software, you can organize drivers in teams based on their vehicles’ make and model or other custom factors. Themed-based quizzes, tips and pledges can also be created around strategic goals. And the program is truly integrated, with drivers awarded points for “real world” behaviors collected through Wheels data. Game-related information is communicated via regular, automated emails, and participants are awarded with electronic badges and company-specific incentives.

The Wheels ChangeDriver Advantage


Motivate Drivers

ChangeDriver leverages healthy competition, a simple platform, a social approach and real-life rewards to encourage driver participation.


Achieve Goals

Create campaigns around strategic business goals, incentivizing drivers to increase productivity, stay safe and remain compliant.


Decrease Costs

Use our gamification platform to inspire cost-reducing behaviors, including lower collision rates, fuel efficiency and in-network maintenance.


Avoid Downtime

Eliminate the need to take drivers off the road due to safety, personal use, maintenance or other noncompliance issues.

Experience a More Safety-Conscious Workforce

An environment in which fleet drivers embrace a safety-focused mindset can be difficult to achieve. It takes more than singular approaches to reduce crashes or increase seat belt usage.

By using ChangeDriver, fleet offices can help drivers better understand safety practices and motivate them to change their behaviors through rewarding and competitive challenges. Whether you’re reinforcing proper driving habits, underscoring risky behaviors, educating on crash avoidance or promoting other safety measures, your drivers will learn safer practices that naturally become part of their everyday behavior.

Our clients have achieved great safety results using our ChangeDriver gamification software in combination with their other Wheels safety programs.

A More Effective Approach to Altering Costly Driver Behaviors

With our gamification platform, you can reduce fleet costs from the ground up. After reviewing data, you can set realistic goals and use ChangeDriver to communicate these priorities, putting expense-reduction outcomes within reach.

ChangerDriver helps you decrease fleet costs by:

  • Educating on safe driving practices to lower collision rates
  • Providing fueling tips to improve fuel efficiency
  • Teaching drivers how their fuel and maintenance transactions are monitored to reduce fraud
  • Adding metric transparency to improve driver efficiencies

Creatively Connect Drivers to Your Fleet Sustainability Goals

When it comes to achieving your fleet sustainability goals, use ChangeDriver as another tool in your fleet tool kit. Gamification can be a creative way to educate drivers on the simple changes they can make to become a “greener” driver. Running a sustainability-focused driving competition can help your drivers avoid fast starts, harsh breaking and idling — all ways to lower a vehicle’s CO2 output.

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