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Expense Planning & Forecasting

Fleet expense management is no longer a manual task with FleetView™. From fuel and telematics to tolls and maintenance, all your fleet costs automatically integrate in our online fleet management platform.

Get the Clearest Picture Into Current & Future Costs with FleetView

From fuel purchases to preventive maintenance, there are many costs involved in running an efficient fleet. Our end-to-end fleet expense management system, facilitated by our proprietary tech tools, ensures that managing expenses and forecasting for the future is as streamlined as possible.

It all begins with a thoroughly integrated process that has touch points throughout the vehicle lifecycle. Beginning in the acquisition phase, vehicle units ordered through the Wheels Selector are automatically added to FleetView. We route data feeds from our supplier partners directly into the platform — so from upfitting to vehicle transportation, you can budget accurately and track vehicle expenses in real time.

Expenditures that occur during the vehicle’s usage including fuel, maintenance, tolls, telematics, violations and more are integrated and tracked in our systems.

Our years of benchmarking data of fleet applications and industries help you compare expenses occurring within your fleet so you can budget accordingly. With Wheels, easily determine your costs going forward while strategizing ways to reduce them in the future.

The Wheels Expense Planning & Forecasting Advantage


Comprehensive Reports

Reports include fuel and maintenance activity, general fleet expenses, vehicle orders, sold vehicles, registration, billing and much more.


Shareable Data

Keep your finance and leadership teams informed through direct FleetView access or via automated, exportable spreadsheets and PDFs.


Customizable Dashboards

FleetView has configurable dashboards to display the most pertinent expense information for finance, procurement and your leadership teams.


Insightful Analysis

These tools enable users to easily view historic billing information, with period-over-period cost analysis and trending information, and vehicle-level detail for each spend component.

Track a Large Number of Transactions Across a Variety of Platforms

For many fleets, expenses are a complex mix of cost levers across a large number of transactions. Sorting through that complexity requires gathering the right information and analyzing thousands of transactions to determine what factors really matter — and then explaining those expenses and the complex variables causing them.

We’ve created the industry’s best fleet expense management solutions, which provide the ultimate online cost analysis for complete expense control. The easy-to-use tools provide an organized and straightforward look at all of your fleet expenses, so you can capture and present the data you need to make optimal decisions for your fleet.

Easily Identify the Underlining Factors of Your Fleet Expenses

Thinking strategically about your fleet expenses is simple with our expense analysis tools on FleetView. It’s designed to help fleet personnel, sourcing groups and operational managers assess the costs of their fleet and the underlying factors that cause them.

Users analyze total fleet costs, vehicle counts and cost-per-vehicle-per month to accurately answer why costs changed from one period to another and where you’re spending money in the current period.

Our fleet expense management tools give you detailed insight on depreciation, funding and fees, license and tax, fuel, maintenance, tires and rentals, and collision and safety.

Simply Compare Current Spending Trends to Previous Cycles

Wheels makes fleet expense management and forecasting budgets for the future easy with our Cost Projection tool. We’ve streamlined the manual task of having to track vehicle expenses in a spreadsheet. With all your data stored within FleetView, our digital tools display interactive projections based on potential spending decisions.

Cost Projection looks ahead for you by creating accurate fleet expense forecasts. These forecasts focus on major cost levers and evaluate alternative cost management strategies.

See where your fleet costs will range in weeks, months and years. On-the-fly cost projections are simple with Wheels.

Learn More About Our Fleet Expense Management Tools