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Fleets We Serve

Wheels manages fleets for a diverse array of clients — with expertise that spans across many locations, industries and vehicle applications.

At Wheels, Your Business Is Our Business

Wheels is prepared to solve any fleet challenge you face. Through our decades of fleet management, we have the knowledge and firsthand experience necessary to position your business for success. Our client base ranges from construction and industrial products to consumer goods and healthcare a diverse background that helps us achieve your mobility goals.

Our service extends beyond borders. With 3 million vehicles worldwide in 61 countries, our global fleet management presence offers comprehensive solutions in the world’s largest markets. Wheels’ Global Alliance with Ayvens powers results for companies around the world, through regional offices and representation that provides local support.

Wheels Fleet Management Experts Drive Results Across Industries and Locations


Data-Driven Insights

Hundreds of thousands of vehicles driving billions of miles a year equals powerful data sets, which we turn into valuable insights to apply to your fleet.


Time-Tested Expertise

With more than eight decades of experience, we are a fleet leader possessing the knowledge to optimize your fleet programs — no matter the type.


Expert Consulting

Our team of seasoned, strategic consultants continually reviews fleet data, taps into industry trends and analyzes relevant benchmarking intelligence to identify opportunities.


Comprehensive, Tailored Solutions

Leveraging our industry knowledge and data set, we offer a full suite of solutions that can be customized to any industry and vehicle application.

Coverage. Culture. Control.

Unlock efficiencies with Wheels global fleet management services.

Wheels’ Global Alliance with Ayvens allows us to serve your fleet needs anywhere, accommodating domestic requirements and regional preferences. Together, we manage more than 3 million vehicles in 61 countries. Our alliance gives you access to both a designated Global Account Manager and local Account Management teams. With on-the-ground offices and local representation, we understand regional fleet markets. And we’ll consult with you on your global goals, implementing them across multiple countries and regions.

With consolidated global reporting you’ll gain clear, actionable insights with multiple levels of data. With a complete, worldwide view of your fleet, you can easily and quickly track inventory, vehicle status, summary-level costs, carbon emissions, elements of policy compliance and more.


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Tap Into Our Global Knowledge Base
With the broadest geographic footprint, we enable multinational fleets to scale across ecosystems in emerging and established markets.

Prioritize Corporate Initiatives
Our holistic approach to global account management ensures corporate initiatives, such as sustainability and safety, remain a top focus.

Leverage Leading Market Solutions
With our curated approach for client success, we execute your strategy locally, ensuring your fleet powers your business goals.

Act on In-Depth Metrics
Multiple reporting layers allow stakeholders to track, measure and control costs while driving value.

Stay Ahead of the Curve
Best practice sharing amongst Alliance partners fosters innovative solutions to address market needs and trends.

Thrive in New Markets
Feel confident outsourcing tasks, knowing that our proven processes and dedication to continuous improvement lead to positive outcomes in new markets.

Helping Businesses Move Better

Wheels understands that fleet objectives vary by industry and location. We work with clients to implement strategic fleet management that factors in market demands and your distinct corporate objectives.

Our specialists help construction companies fulfill their short-term vehicle needs, healthcare firms reduce their carbon footprint and fleets worldwide get their drivers home safely each night. Our expertise spans across a variety of sectors and locations, allowing us to optimize your fleet to your unique needs.

Woman on a farm using a digital tablet with a tractor in the background.


Optimizing fleet costs is an important way we help these fleets work hard to feed the world through agriculture resource and practices.

White service or delivery van driving in a downtown area with a blurred background.

Building Services

Wheels provides revenue generating strategies and cost optimization tactics to support the businesses that keep our spaces healthy and clean.

Woman in professional attire using her phone while leaning against her car.

Business Services

We equip these sales-focused teams with the vehicles, programs and technology that help keep the world’s businesses running.

Engineer in a vest and hard hat looking at a tablet at a worksite.


We help mitigate risk and increase operational efficiencies to help support this industry’s valuable innovations and resources.

Construction worker in a hard hat looks at building plans on the hood of his pickup truck.


Our approach to supplier and inventory management is essential in keeping these fleets ready to construct important infrastructures and supply critical building products.

Worker on the phone and looking at a digital tablet ouside of his white mobile workforce van.

Consumer Products

Our offerings streamline mobility and optimize costs, so drivers can effectively keep product stocked to meet customer demand.

Male technology worker wearing a hard hat and safety vest holding cables outside of a white service truck.

Electronics, Technology & Utility

Wheels’ advanced technology provides full insights into the fleet data needed to power the technology solutions and innovations these industries deliver.

Pickup parked near a wind farm, with mountains in the background.


With the right vehicles, equipment and on-site safety practices, we support this industry’s mission to discover and deliver various forms of energy.

Worker wearing a safety vest and pushing a pallet of bread after unloading it from a delivery truck.

Food & Beverage

We provide these teams with the the right vehicles, support and services so they can bring people around the world enjoyable food and drinks.

Close-up of lights on the top of a police car.

Government & Municipality

We help government fleets optimize costs, so their specialized divisions can keep people and natural resources safe.

Person in scrubs and shoe covers getting out of a vehicle.


We offer the driver productivity and satisfaction programs aimed at retaining the talent needed to deliver life-changing tests, medicine and equipment.

Three professionals standing in a factory and talking, while one woman holds a digital tablet.


We help a variety of verticals in this industry increase the utilization of their fleet so they can produce materials and develop solutions used in everyday life.

Businessman in a suit and tie talking on the phone next to a parked car.

Insurance & Finance

Our productivity, satisfaction and safety-boosting tools keep these companies busy protecting people, assets and finances.

Enabling Sales Fleets to Fuel Your Business Success

Sales vehicles are more than just a mode of transportation. These vehicles help make strategic sales possible. Customer engagement is key to this role, which is why we keep your drivers engaged with a multi-tiered strategy.

Wheels’ responsive front-line customer service team delivers expert care. Our easy-to-use technology, like the Wheels Mobile Assistant app, makes fulfilling mandatory fleet tasks a breeze. And essential services like fuel, maintenance, accident, tax compliance, and driver safety keep driver satisfaction high and expenses low. That means your team can do what they do best — sell.

Driving Efficiency, Compliance and Safety to Your Service Fleets

Service-focused fleets possess unique characteristics — from seasonal considerations to project-based vehicle fulfillment. To ensure your program meets the goals of both your overall business strategy and individual business units, we consult in a variety of areas:

We understand that if one of your service vehicles is down, your bottom line and reputation take a hit. With Wheels, your vehicles and drivers are always road-ready through services that facilitate uptime including:

Maximizing Your Value on Reimbursement Fleets

At Wheels, we understand what it takes to successfully manage a mobile workforce. We’ve used those experiences to customize our mileage reimbursement program with a variety of offerings such as a Cents per Mile (CPM) and Fixed and Variable Rates (FAVR).

For mileage reimbursement fleets, oversight and support is important to help mitigate risks, control costs and reduce administration. When you reimburse through Wheels, you get more insight and control over your budgets, vehicles and drivers. Plus there’s access to our award-winning support professionals and advanced technology to deliver peace of mind that your drivers are safe and legal while on the road.

Looking for an Experienced Company to Handle Your Unique Fleet Management Needs?