Quality Fleet Solutions: Eliminating Defects and Driving Improvements | Wheels
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Our Approach

Quality Fleet Solutions

At Wheels, quality isn’t just a buzzword — it’s embedded in our culture. Using our quality discipline, you can count on us to keep your operating costs low and satisfaction rates high. Every day, everyone at Wheels works to eliminate defects and make proactive improvements, focusing on delivering a strong degree of excellence.


of Wheels employees are committed to quality


days a week Wheels operational teams conduct quality assurance huddles


our holistic approach provides lasting results


special requests completed within two days

Our 360+ Wheels Quality Assurance Approach Delivers a Strong Degree of Excellence



We work to ensure repeatability with error-proofed systems, well defined and measurable processes, leadership oversight and robust action plans.



Your needs are our priority, which is why we partner with you to deliver custom solutions that surpass your expectations. 



Advanced dashboards, reports, metrics and communications offer real-time transparency and consistent accountability to keep everyone moving in the same direction. 



Continuously making investments and challenging ourselves to make improvements delivers the highest value to every level of your fleet.

With Our Reliable Processes and People, You’ll Receive a Consistent Level of Quality

When we develop a process, we take end-to-end ownership — from documentation and prevention to measurement and analysis.

Our team consists of certified specialists trained in a variety of quality disciplines and problem-solving techniques. Everyone within our organization is empowered to lead with a quality mindset.

Our Collaborative Mindset With Clients and Partners Ensures Tailored Results

We partner with you to understand your business before recommending solutions — ensuring we deliver outcomes that fit your needs.

This extends past our clients to our fleet partners. Using a scorecarding system, we hold our fleet partners to the same set of standards that we hold ourselves.

Full Visibility Into Our Processes Keeps Us in Balance

A systematic approach to measuring and monitoring offers visibility to our clients and across our organization. This approach includes:

  • Daily huddles create internal ownership
  • Advanced analytics offers transparency and a deeper dive
  • Executive involvement provide high-level perspective
  • Client-centric performance measurements delivers operational excellence

Continuously Improving to Better Serve You

Targets are great but they can’t be static, which is why we continuously challenge ourselves to do better. This includes roadmap prioritization reviews by cross-functional teams, metric reassessments, Kaizen events and bi-annual client surveys to gather feedback.

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Wheels 360+ Quality Assurance is embedded throughout our organization. We hold ourselves accountable to deliver high quality service delivery that maximize value.

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Let Us Know How We Can Adapt Your Definition of Quality to Ours