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Laura Jozwiak Senior Vice President of Sales and Client Relations Headshot

Laura Jozwiak, Senior Vice President, Sales and Client Relations
Leading both the EV Taskforce and Wheels Environmental Social Governance Program (ESG), Laura’s fleet management experience spans three decades and includes a wealth of knowledge in both account management and operations

Suresh Rajapakse Wheels Vice President of Account Management Headshot

Suresh Rajapakse, Vice President, Account Management
With two decades of fleet management experience, Suresh ensures Wheels’ business partners are provided with the strategic guidance and analytical resources needed to achieve their electric vehicle goals and increase their overall fleet performance.

Daniel Marsala, EV Specialist
Dan provides end-to-end operational support for our EV ecosystem. From fielding driver and client questions, to overseeing home-charging installations, he leads the front line on EV support.

Sara Sweeney, Senior Product Manager
Sara leads all EV product development at Wheels. Since joining Wheels in 2006, she has worked on both the driver services and client analytics teams, gaining the expertise needed to build our electric vehicle strategies and solution

Maria Neve, Vice President, Electrification and Sustainability
Maria leads the ESG program and reporting at Wheels Donlen. Her career began in the alternative fuels and transportation safety sectors as a marketing and policy consultant for automobile manufacturers and the U.S. Department of Energy, bringing over 22 years of experience to the industry. 

Jeff Whiteside, Assistant Vice President, Mobility Operations
Jeff is responsible for ensuring operational excellence and continual improvement for several Wheels products including electric vehicles. He has worked in the fleet management industry for over 30 years.


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