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Roadside Assistance Programs

Many fleets employ a variety of tactics to keep their drivers and vehicles safe while on the road. However, even the best-maintained vehicles can experience breakdowns due to unexpected mechanical issues, roadway hazards, accidents or other mishaps. Many of these events require the need for emergency roadside assistance.

Vehicle breakdowns on the road impact both safety and productivity — therefore, it is necessary for such events to be handled as quickly as possible. And while there is never a convenient time to incur a breakdown or other event that necessitates roadside assistance, there are many factors that impact how a driver is supported through these taxing experiences

This white paper will help you:

  • Explore the variety of organizations across North America that either directly or indirectly provide emergency roadside assistance services.
  • Determine how quickly a dispatched roadside service vehicle will arrive at the scene of an incident. Things such as traffic jams, location, weather, service providers and more.
  • Ensure roadside service events have minimal impact on the safety and productivity of your drivers and their vehicles.
  • Facilitate service provider optimal performance, including the service request, dispatch service provider and process for monitoring service progress.
  • Discover how technology trends are sure to change the face of the roadside service industry.

To help you learn more or for more information about Wheels Roadside Assistance, download Roadside Assistance Programs resource today.

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