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Driver Compliance and Fleet Tax Management

Calculating the taxable benefit of personal use can be a complex, time-consuming process — unless you take advantage of Wheels’ program. We help mitigate risks and alleviate the hassle of driver tax compliance.

Simplify the Process of Managing Fringe Benefit Fleet Taxes With Our Driver Tax Compliance Program

Wheels works directly with you to set up an automated program that ensures your company follows all applicable laws and procedures. Our system reduces fleet administration while enhancing driver productivity and satisfaction. It also limits corporate exposure, liability and the ongoing challenges associated with driver tax compliance.

We help you determine the specific criteria needed to administer personal-use fleet taxes, such as applicable reporting dates and pre-set driver deductions. Wheels advises you on best practices and ensures the appropriate decisions are made to meet your company’s federal obligations and reporting needs. We also help determine logging and reporting frequency, and personal use deduction amounts.

Through the Driver Tax Compliance program, Wheels sends each driver an annual personal-use tax notification. Notifications explain the program, reporting procedures and federal requirements.

Drivers can report their mileage via Wheels’ web-based driver tool, through a toll-free automated telephone number or on the Wheels Mobile Assistant app. Any method is accessible 24/7 during tax season, allowing drivers to confirm that entries are accurate, immediately.

The Wheels Driver Tax Compliance Advantage


Guided Program Management

We assist you in creating and implementing a consistent policy ​while maintaining accurate and complete data throughout the year.


Streamlined Data Collection

We provide clear and concise communication to your drivers​, facilitating a simple and defined personal use collection process through various methods.


Precise Tax Calculations

U.S. IRS and Canadian CRA calculation methods frequently change. Wheels regularly tracks updates to determine the accurate amount every time.


24/7 Assistance

Our online tools and mobile apps are available around-the-clock during tax season to help you gather information or report usage at any time of day.

Never Worry That Your Driver Tax Reporting Is Out of Compliance

If you fail to calculate taxable benefits associated with personal use, you are not fully disclosing income putting your company at risk of an audit and fines. You must accurately account for all drivers in the taxable year. Obtaining accurate in- and out-of-vehicle dates for current and previous drivers ​is a complicated, time-consuming process.

Wheels’ Driver Tax Compliance program helps maintain accurate and complete data throughout the year, ensuring it is available at the start of each tax season. And, we will provide counsel for all drivers in your fleet that qualify for personal use.

We Offer Multiple Ways to Collect and Verify Fringe Benefit Fleet Taxes

Through clear and concise driver communication, Wheels ​facilitates a simple and defined personal use collection process.

We make it simple for drivers to report their business and personal miles. Additionally, we resolve questions regarding qualifications of personal use and reporting requirements.

Drivers are provided with an easy system to report their data online or via phone 24/7 — including on-call assistance for anyone with questions. Drivers that miss a reporting deadline will receive automated notifications as a reminder.

Wheels sends each driver an annual personal use tax notification to explain the Driver Tax Compliance program, reporting procedures, federal requirements and information on your specific fleet policies and vehicle identity information.

A Dedicated and Attuned Team Keeps Your Fleet Compliant

Wheels stays abreast of the latest IRS and CRA guidelines and publications to ensure accuracy.

Immediately after reporting cut-off dates, authorized personnel at your company can view, query and download a customized taxable benefit report for payroll processing.

These real-time reports provide the summary and detail-level information you need to track drivers’ responses during the reporting period and contact non-responding drivers before the cut-off date.

Wheels also offers an outbound call service through which we can follow up with drivers on your fleet office’s behalf. No matter the situation, Wheels makes sure your drivers are ready for this tax season and next.

Ensure Compliance and Simplify Tax Compliance Reporting With Wheels