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Create a safety-conscious driving culture with reduced accident costs.

Keep up the great work. Your effort and professionalism keep us safe and on the road everyday.
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Implementing a fleet safety program is a crucial first step in preventing accidents and promoting a safety-conscious driving culture. Unsafe driving leads to violations and accidents, which can have an enormous financial impact on your business. Our full-service safety program can help reduce the financial impact but also works to prevent injuries and save lives.

Custom Fit to Your Fleet

Our program is structured to be custom designed to your specifications. We help develop a program that is ideal for you:

Motor Vehicle Record and Points Program
Wheels Motor Vehicle Record (MVR) program enables you to pinpoint trends that could expose you to risk. This system identifies problem drivers, helps lower the number and severity of accidents, and saves you money.

Safety Training
Increased safety awareness reduces accident frequency and severity. Wheels Safety Training helps protect your drivers while lowering your accident rate and number of violations.

Driver Performance Assessment
By combining multiple points of driver data to calculate one overall driver score, this service helps you evaluate risk and take action on driver performance.

Distracted Driving Protocol
As an integrated part of your safety program, our No Distractions protocol is a step-by-step guide that helps eliminate distracted driving and avoid crashes.