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Unlock your fleet’s potential with unbundled leases

With 76% of leased vehicles under Full-Service Leases (FSL) that bundle costs, many businesses miss out on critical asset visibility, control, and savings. FSLs can be restrictive, lack transparency, and limit your ability to make informed decisions for your fleet.

Why move away from Full-Service Leases?

Restrictions: Maintenance and vehicle modifications are limited, often leading to unnecessary costs.

Lack of transparency: Hidden and no cost breakout between leases and maintenance.

Discover the advantages of unbundled leases with Wheels:


Only pay for maintenance and repairs when needed, with transparent cost structures.


Choose your vehicle specifications and enjoy the freedom to add equipment.

Enhanced Control

Full oversight over your fleet operations, leading to better financial and operational decisions.

Potential for Savings

Tailored packages and transparent pricing can significantly reduce your total cost of ownership.

Wheels specializes in unbundled leasing, offering unparalleled benefits

  • Transparency & control: Clear monthly costs, with detailed breakdowns for lease payments and maintenance.
  • Savings: Enjoy lower maintenance & repair fees and no CPI adjustments.
  • Customization: Access a wide range of vehicles and equipment that best suit your operations.
  • Support: Comprehensive asset analysis and expert advice to maximize your fleet’s efficiency and savings.

Experience the Wheels difference

Switching to Unbundled Leases can result in substantial savings and operational benefits. With Wheels, you gain a partner committed to reducing your fleet’s total cost of ownership and enhancing your business’s financial and operational flexibility.

Ready to take control of your fleet’s future?