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Connected Vehicle

Vehicle connectivity, commonly known as telematics, is shaping the future of fleet and Wheels can get you ready. Our infrastructure was built to support your connection needs, today and in the future.

Being connected unlocks opportunities to gather new kinds of real-time information about your fleet, optimize its operation, enhance its safety and benefit the environment. Every single area of fleet management can benefit from the right connected vehicle program. The potential efficiencies are endless.

Get Connected

From plug-in devices to a direct OEM connectivity solution, at every stage we will know the best ways to connect with your vehicles.

Beyond collecting the information, we will be able to push out information to the vehicle and its driver. This knowledge will empower us in the future to help your fleet in even more ways, from directing maintenance to summoning the vehicle to a maintenance facility for a battery recharge.

Transformed data

A clear picture tells you more, which is why we transform all your connected vehicle data into a single standard. Each provider and method of connectivity has its own protocol for vehicle data -- how it's transmitted and received. We normalize that data before it reaches you enabling more accurate and actionable conclusions for your fleet.

Integrating Value

Your ability to translate that information into useful action is where the rubber meets the road. We seek out every opportunity to deliver that added value for you. The ability to locate a vehicle can ensure its timely delivery to a driver, expedite auction pickup or combat theft. Odometer data and onboard telematics info on driver performance can identify opportunities for safer, driving, and those opportunities are communicated to the driver and fleet manager through the DriverView™ and FleetView™ interfaces.

Connection. Transformation. Integration. Get your fleet ready for the future with Wheels.