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Truck Operations

At Wheels, we are committed to making sure you always have the right truck for the job. From choosing the right body to adding the right upfitting equipment, we ensure your truck fleet meets your unique needs.

Right Truck = Job Done Right

Experience You Can Count On

From cargo vans to aerial devices, our truck consultants have over 150 years of combined experience designing the right truck for you.

Hands-on Help for a Custom Fit Fleet

Do you need ladders or tools? Space for cargo? Do you need to pull a trailer? Before we make any recommendations, our truck consultants are out in the field completing site visits and ride-alongs to experience exactly how your drivers interact with their vehicles.

Expert Recommendations

Our vehicle recommendations are provided as a complete package — chassis, truck body, equipment, vendor, etc. We look at total cost of ownership (TCO) analyses such as fuel economy and resale value for all of our recommendations. And then we make sure your vehicle is in full compliance, meeting all legal and safety requirements in your area.