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The View for smarter fleet decisions.

Dynamic. Intuitive. Forward-thinking. Drives Optimal Business Decisions!

Running an optimal fleet means keeping track of hundreds of different data points. No matter what your role – fleet manager, risk, procurement – you need advanced technology to quickly access the exact information that’s important to you. Then organize and visualize it so you can spot trends, problems and opportunities.

FleetView'sTM easy-to-navigate screens and revealing graphics span your entire fleet database to uncover key facts at a glance. To look deeper, drill down with just a few quick clicks. By making opportunities visible and solutions accessible, FleetView acts as your window to optimal fleet performance.

  • Informs more efficient fleet decisions
  • Provides strategic perspectives, not just raw data
  • Empowers all users, including Fleet Management, Risk, Sourcing and HR
  • And it is easy to use!