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The View for smarter fleet decisions.

Dynamic. Intuitive. Forward-thinking. Drives Optimal Business Decisions!

Running an optimal fleet means keeping track of hundreds of different data points. No matter what your role – fleet manager, risk, procurement – you need advanced technology to quickly access the exact information that’s important to you. Then organize and visualize it so you can spot trends, problems and opportunities.

And with FleetView’s Advanced Analytics, spotting trends and taking action has never been easier. The multi-layer experience provides a natural story flow and an intuitive way to reach the data. 

The What

  • Uncomplicated & interactive homepage
  • Contains a large library of customizable, dynamic tiles designed to easily spot actionable areas

The Why

  • Drill-through interactive dashboards
  • Provides rich detail into a particular area or trend for a deeper understanding

The Takeaway

  • Exportable & sharable detail
  • Identifies contributing factors, individual vehicles, drivers, transactions – and take action