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White Papers

Avoiding negligent entrustment: Limiting your liability on the roads (pdf 101kB)

Most companies have a deep understanding of the risks that are closely associated with their major lines of business, and have processes in place to mitigate those risks.

Negotiating with manufacturers (pdf 100kB)

Over the last three decades, vehicle manufacturers have steadily become more aggressive when offering special incentives as an inducement for commercial fleets to use their products.

Protecting your business through a comprehensive safety policy (pdf 93kB)

Within the U.S., accidents cost hundreds of billions of dollars each year. The average company sees at least 1 in 5 fleet vehicles involved in an accident every year, and vehicle accidents are the leading cause of work-related deaths today.

Short-cycling in a bull market: Advantages, disadvantages and how to know if it's right for your fleet (pdf 92kB)

As we continue to rebound from the global economic recession, the North American resale market has been one of the most remarkable bright spots from a fleet perspective.

Sourcing fleet management providers — Best practice considerations (pdf 93kB)

Finding the right supplier for complex service contracts can be a tricky process.

Vehicle branding: Is there hidden value in your fleet? (pdf 222kB)

In today’s challenging business landscape, companies often find themselves striving to shrink expenses as much as possible while still maintaining their corporate image and delivering maximum value to customers and shareholders.

Establishing best practices for managing vehicle inventory (pdf 121kB)

Corporate executives know the value of a company’s vehicle fleet.

Supporting diversity: Wheels MWBE processes (pdf 137kB)

While implementing a MWBE/supplier diversity policy can be rewarding in a number of ways, there are certain challenges that can make it difficult to meet corporate diversity spend goals or requirements.
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