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White Papers

More Than Miles: Bringing Trip Data into View with Fleet Connectivity (pdf 5MB)

Connected vehicle technology is a powerful resource for organizations looking to gain additional insight into their fleet. From providing valuable data on sustainability progress to tracking high-risk driving events, fleets across industries have benefited from this valuable data resource. To help you learn more, we’ve created a helpful resource called More Than Miles: Bringing Trip Data into View With Fleet Connectivity.

Lease Accounting Standards (pdf 166kB)

New lease accounting rules (FASB Topic 842) will be required for all public companies beginning in 2019. The primary goal of the new standard is to improve transparency for committed long-term leases by requiring lessees to show most leases on their balance sheets.

Central Cost Center (pdf 161kB)

When a fleet acquires vehicles, it knows the exact amount and duration of the monthly payments. By contrast, when those vehicles develop mechanical problems as they age, the exact type and timing of the costs are unpredictable...

Roadside Assistance (pdf 404kB)

Many fleets employ a variety of tactics to keep their drivers and vehicles safe while on the road. However, even the best-maintained vehicles can experience breakdowns due to unexpected mechanical issues, roadway hazards, accidents or other mishaps.Many of these events require the need for emergency roadside assistance.

Winter Tires (pdf 666kB)

Weather is unpredictable which is why it's important to think about winter driving strategies.

Factors that influence fleet operating costs (pdf 243kB)

One of every fleet manager’s major goals is to ensure that the fleet is operating in the most cost-effective manner by identifying opportunities for cost savings which have not been fully realized.

Fleet policy (pdf 104kB)

The fleet policy sets the tone for managing your company’s fleet. An effective policy is comprehensive, easy to understand and enforceable.

Managing a fleet size reduction (pdf 109kB)

It is a fairly common occurrence that a change in business plan, corporate structure or product results in a reduction in the number of employees.

Measuring things that matter—Canada (pdf 151kB)

Fleet management involves an abundance of data. There are so many things that can be measured, so many data points to be tracked from month to month and from year to year.

Measuring things that matter U.S. (pdf 150kB)

Hundreds of data points relate to a vehicle’s equipment alone, even before it is ordered—and numerous chances to collect data will present themselves once that vehicle is on the road.
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