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Safe Driving Tips

Wheels is committed to ensuring your drivers make it home safely each night. Pass along these tips to help keep everyone safe while on the road.


Fall Driving

Changing seasons brings back-to-school traffic, rain, wildlife and more which can create hazardous driving conditions.

Back to School Driving

School days bring added congestion and dangers to the roadway.

Vehicle Breakdown

It's impossible to be ready for everything, but prevention and preparedness are essential for vehicle breakdowns and roadside emergencies.

Eco-Friendly Driving

Simple changes to the way you drive can help minimize fuel consumption and make you a 'greener' driver.

Driving in Fog

Foggy conditions are the number one cause of multi-car collision, avoid becoming a statistic.

Summer Holiday Driving

Prepare for the increase of vehicles, congestion and distracted driving that comes with summer celebrations. 

Sub Zero Temperature Driving

Extreme cold weather can make a definite impact to your vehicle.

Tire Pressure

Fluctuating tire pressure can lead to uneven wear and poor handling and braking, monthly checks are recommended.

Summer Driving

While summer offers some of the year's best weather, statistics show it's also one of the riskier times to be on the road.

Hurricane Preparation

Being prepared can help keep you safe during extreme and ultimately life-threatening weather conditions.

Hurricane Safety

If driving is absolutely necessary, take extreme caution during hurricane conditions.