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Case Studies

Increased driver & employee used vehicle sales bring company substantial savings (pdf 120kB)

As a Wheels customer for 10 years, this insurance company’s entire fleet had been cycled; therefore, all of its vehicles are Wheels vehicles.

Right vehicle for the job results in cost savings of nearly $2.5 Million (pdf 975kB)

One new Wheels client—a field IT and communications company—was looking for ways to cut down its fleet costs while still keeping drivers productive and happy.

Improve fleet costs by selecting the right vehicle for the job (pdf 154kB)

In response to rising fuel costs, one Wheels client was tasked with lowering its total fuel spend.

Transition to Wheels resulted in significant cost savings and satisfied drivers in just six months (pdf 124kB)

After months of being extremely disappointed with the service he was receiving from his incumbent fleet management company, the fleet manager at this company decided to take his fleet out to bid.

New Wheels client onboards and orders new vehicles in less than three weeks (pdf 117kB)

An insurance company was in the process of transitioning its fleet to Wheels.

Wheels Truck Engineers find the right vehicle and upfitting package for the job (pdf 377kB)

One Wheels client wanted to establish a new level of consistency across its vehicle selector and upfitting packages.

Client utilizes Wheels Vehicle Inventory Management program and saves over 1 million (pdf 155kB)

One Wheels client maintained a fleet of 5,000 vehicles across several branches for its sales force.

Wheels Transition Team helps client get Fleet Services up and running in less than 30 days (pdf 96kB)

The Wheels Transition Team recently conducted an onsite visit to a new 1,400-vehicle fleet customer as part of the new client setup process.

Wheels client realizes almost half a million dollars in annual savings after implementing Wheels ChangeDriver™ (pdf 212kB)

One Wheels client was looking to trim its accident rate while also reducing the number of transactions its drivers were making through out-of-network maintenance facilities.

Wheels Selection Modeler™ helps fleet make optimal vehicle selection decisions (pdf 121kB)

Vehicle selection is one of the most important decisions for any fleet—impacting more than 73% of a fleet’s total spend.
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