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Case Studies

A Biotechnology Firm Reduced its Crash Rate With ADAS & Telematics (pdf 850kB)

A biotechnology leader had an already strong focus on fleet safety. It included recognition through a Safe Driver award, driver-safety training programs and motor vehicle record checks.

Bank Realized Double-Digit Annual Collision Reduction With Wheels (pdf 695kB)

A large bank set a goal to make its drivers safer by reducing both the number of collisions and their monthly cost per driver by at least 10%—decreasing the number of high-risk drivers.

Celgene Drastically Reduced its Collision Rate with MVR Monitoring (pdf 793kB)

Rosemary Times, Celgene’s U.S. fleet manager of sales operations, had a proactive mindset. To keep internal stakeholder goals top of mind, she convened a fleet advisory panel made up of regional business managers, human resources, risk mitigation and legal. Among their priority topics was driver safety.

Data Centralization Optimized Diverse Fleets During Merger (pdf 701kB)

A consumer goods retailer acquired a large healthcare company. Both had mobile workforces and different ways to manage and control spend.

Healthcare Fleet Amplified Driver Satisfaction After Outsourcing (pdf 700kB)

To focus its resources on health and medical products, a healthcare company delegated its North American fleet management to Wheels. Wheels managed most driver touch points, but its strategies went far beyond simply assuming day-to-day activities.

High-Risk Driving in Nontraditional Fleet Reduced Nearly by Half (pdf 688kB)

Industrial firm has over 1,000 employees who travel at least occasionally on business but who are not assigned a fleet vehicle. Yet a lack of a centralized database to manage non-company-vehicle drivers crippled efforts to ensure safety and assess risk.

12-Month Listening Tour Generated Best-in-Class Fleet for J.R. Simplot (pdf 1.8MB)

For years, Keri managed the day-to-day fleet operations at J.R. Simplot Company. However, her recent promotion to the procurement department left little to no time to remain the main support contact for the fleet.

Manufacturer Injected Process Improvement Principles into Custom Upfit (pdf 692kB)

A manufacturing client sought out a custom upfitted van for its trio of business units. With three business goals in mind, safety, eciency and inventory control, Six Sigma process improvement was employed to find a solution.

New Selector Created 14% TCO Reduction for Food Manufacturer (pdf 699kB)

A stale vehicle selector with models discontinued or in the process of being superseded by newer vehicles presented challenges for a large food manufacturer. The fleet averaged close to 100,000 miles and up to five years in age before replacement.

Out-of-the-box Strategy Generated 125% in Savings (pdf 700kB)

A leading global agriculture group enables food security by helping farmers better utilize available resources through rescuing land from degradation, enhancing biodiversity and revitalizing rural communities.
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