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Wheels Mobile Assistant: A Year in Review 

What a year 2018 it was for the Wheels Mobile Assistant! In 2018 Wheels clients saw their driver’s productivity increase as the drivers took advantage of new time-saving features designed to make the management of their company vehicle as easy as possible. It is amazing to see how many tasks these drivers can accomplish with just a few taps of their mobile device. 

Key Statistics 

The Mobile Assistant saw a huge uptick in usage with an 850% year-over-year enrollment improvement – and yes, that’s 850%, not 85%! The app continues to hold a strong 4.3/5 star rating. And each piece of feedback received is thoroughly investigated by the Wheels mobile development team to strengthen the product into the industry’s leading mobile driver app. 

The most commonly viewed feature was the digital Glovebox where drivers can access helpful features for eligible vehicles. Other items in the Glovebox include: digital insurance cards, maintenance guide, registration documents, immediate access to a live Wheels agent, and 24-7 access to roadside assistance. 

GPS AutoLog

The new GPS AutoLog assists drivers by tracking and logging all of their business trips in an exportable Trip Log — without entering a single trip detail. Drivers can classify and add notes for each trip if they choose, and also delete trips if captured incorrectly. Since this feature in the app only tracks trips during business hours set by the driver, no personal trip information is stored on the device. 

Ultimately the new digital trip log enables easy reporting of personal and business mileage in 60 seconds or less. And is one of the most commonly used features in the app.


Any driver enrolled in the Wheels Reimbursement Program can report their trips for reimbursement through the Mobile Assistant. If they are transitioning between lease and reimbursement vehicles, they can now see their status and receive alerts during the transition, so they are always in the loop. 

Guided Roadside Assistance

For eligible vehicles, drivers who request roadside assistance directly from the app can choose the type of service they need. For example, if they need a tow, they can choose from a list of network-approved shops to receive the vehicle. Once the roadside assistance is summoned, drivers can see the estimated time of arrival of the support vehicle and its location on a map. 

Feedback for Good Behavior 

Drivers who successfully manage their company vehicle earn positive feedback from the app in the form of badges, located in the How Am I Doing section. These small tokens empower drivers by letting them know they are on the right track. And for clients using our safety services, the drivers can earn accident-free badges for each year they drive. If clients want to provide their drivers more specific feedback about their safety record, the driving record can be viewed directly from the Wheels Mobile Assistant. 

A number of other new features rolled out this year:

  • New vehicle order status
  • Push notifications for maintenance, recalls, mileage entries, registration renewals, new insurance cards, and more
  • Search for approved maintenance and repair shops
  • Guided photo inspections
  • Look-up current fuel prices
  • Positive driver feedback via badges
  • Proactive vehicle inspections with photos
  • And much more!

We are looking forward to an exciting 2019! Stay tuned as we release new productivity-enhancing features to the Wheels Mobile Assistant.

Join the conversation: Email me at dglines@wheels.com