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The Right Mix: Evaluating Today’s Mobility Options

This article originally appeared in the “Wheels Mobility Guide,” a feature of the April 2019 edition of Automotive Fleet magazine.

How do you know if you’re leveraging the best mobility options for your business? Should you be exploring new innovative solutions or do you already have the right mix to optimize your fleet? The answers to these questions aren’t as straight forward as they once were. While it is exciting to discuss what the future holds for mobility, it is critical that fleet professionals stay grounded in what is realistic for their business by understanding business goals, leveraging data, and engaging with subject matter experts. Below summarizes some of the most viable options for today.

Company Provided (Leased with Own)

As you evaluate mobility options for your fleet, it’s important to have a baseline. This has traditionally been, and should continue to be, the leased company vehicle. Vehicle leasing is a cost effective and dependable way to provide mobility to your drivers.

Whether the vehicle lease is viewed as a capital expenditure or as a short-term lease not making it to the balance sheet, leasing provides mobility for roughly $0.50 per mile for a service vehicle and $0.35-$0.40 per mile for a traditional sedan when incorporating fixed and variable operating expenses.

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