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Supplier Management

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When you choose a fleet partner, you're choosing a procurement partner. Wheels acts as an extension of your procurement organization by leveraging our deep operational experience and supplier relationships to ensure maximum value for your fleet.

The Wheels Advantage

Wheels manages suppliers according to best practices learned from our experience working with the world's best sourcing and procurement organizations. We’ve adapted these best practices to the specifics of the fleet industry and implemented them according to our own high standards to drive value for your fleet.


Supplier Selection – we choose the best for you

  • Evaluate our clients’ needs
  • Vet each supplier
  • Define service expectations

Performance Optimization – we actively monitor every supplier

  • Scorecards
  • Expectations and service level agreements
  • Audit and reconcile each transaction – before we pay supplier or bill you

Relationship Management – strong partnerships deliver better service

  • Two way communication
  • Get to know suppliers and their business models
  • Relationship owned by corresponding operating area
  • Fast payment – suppliers paid before we bill you