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Impacts of UAW Strike

Updated November 20, 2023

The UAW contracts for all three OEMs have been ratified. We are pleased that all parties have come to a fair resolution.

Wheels remains committed to assisting you in navigating any disruptions that may arise as manufacturers get back to full production. We assure you that we will offer regular updates, propose innovative solutions where possible, and maintain ongoing communication with the OEMs on your behalf.

Should I continue to place orders for new vehicles?  

Yes. Nothing is changed for the ordering process—we strongly urge customers to place orders. While at this time, it is difficult to provide a timeline, placing all orders now will put you in a better position to acquire your vehicles once production resumes.  

With the strike resolved, will vehicles be delivered? 

It is early to predict the timing for new vehicle delivery. We constantly communicate with OEM representatives and will provide updates as quickly as we are informed on schedules. We are hopeful production will resume quickly.

Vehicles that were built and released by the OEM plant before September 15th, were permitted to be shipped to the upfitter or dealer, these may have been delivered to you.

Other delays could include parts distribution.