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Siemens in Canada

Since you reside in Alberta, local legislation restricts Wheels from collecting driver abstract on your behalf.  As such, you will need to obtain your abstract from the Alberta Ministry and provide it to the Wheels SafetyFirst team per the below instructions. Please be sure you also complete your authorization and update your date of birth and license information in DriverView.

Step 1: Apply for your driver abstract per the instructions found in the below link:

Select 3 year

Step 2: Send a scanned copy of the results to Wheels SafetyFirst by uploading it through DriverView:

  • Scan and save your MVR in any of the following formats: pdf, jpeg, tiff, bmp, jpg, tif, png (File must be 2MB or less)
  • Log onto DriverView
  • Click on “Profile”
  • Select “MVR/Abstract Upload”
  • Click to select the saved image of your MVR, and submit

For further assistance or questions please contact