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Material Handling Equipment

Wheels helps solve for business issues, not just equipment challenges. By breaking down information barriers with data-driven insights in your material handling and specialty equipment, our experts are determined to help you increase visibility, productivity while lowering operational costs.

Optimizing your equipment and assets

Wheels provides the best leasing and financing solutions for your material handling and specialty equipment.

Our experts can provide an array of flexible and tailored solutions and packages to maximize your ROI and reduce your TCO.

Utilizing data-driven insights to make your operations more efficient, you’ll be able to reduce downtime operating costs to make your equipment and assets more productive.

The Wheels Difference


Strategic Consulting

Our financial consultants discuss various packages and terms to help you devise the most advantageous leasing approach for your business.


Advanced Reporting

A range of financial reports and dashboards are available for you to view, export and share whenever necessary.


Numerous Options

Wheels offers extensive leasing and ownership options to ensure you get the financing package that works best for your fleet.


Simplified Administration

We manage long-term strategy, day-to-day tactics and your specialized requirements to deliver the vehicles you need.

Flexible and Tailored Lease Structures

Understanding every detail of your material handling and specialty equipment lease structure can mean the difference in millions of dollars gained or lost to the bottom line.

You’ll have the strategic recommendations for:

  • Fair Market Value (FMV) Lease
  • Terminal Rental Adjustment Clause (TRAC)
  • First Amendment
  • Finance Lease
  • Loans
  • Refinance
  • Sale Leaseback
  • And more

Integrated Equipment and Asset Services

With data-driven solutions and recommendations, you’ll have the advantage of fleet management services, including:

  • Purchase and disposal
  • Consultancy
  • Maintenance Management
  • National Battery Program
  • Centralized Billing and Reporting
  • Safety & Telematics
  • Remarketing

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