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White Paper

More Than Miles: Bringing Trip Data into View with Fleet Connectivity

Connected vehicle technology, also called telematics, is a powerful resource for organizations looking to gain additional insight into their fleet. From providing valuable data on sustainability progress to tracking high-risk driving events, fleets across industries have benefited from this valuable data resource.

Telematics is not new to fleet. Yet the technology that describes using GPS and onboard diagnostics to gather vehicle performance insights is being turned on its head due to the Fourth Industrial Revolution. This describes the economic transformation causing an exponential rate of growth and market disruption that’s spurred by connected technologies, such as the Internet of Things (loT), blockchain, 3D printing and artificial intelligence. These innovations continue to impart new business models, products and relationships with the items we encounter each day.

loT, in particular, is revolutionizing fleet data management. The same technology fueling your WIFl-enabled light bulbs, smart fridge and sound system is applied to vehicles and providing game-changing applications. On the technology adoption lifecycle, fleet connectivity is relatively young. Fleet managers are, rightly so, weighing the financial investment of a connected vehicle program against their total cost of ownership goals.

This white paper will explore:

  • Why vehicle connectivity is inevitable and how fleet connectivity will eventually become the new normal.
  • The staggering fleet connectivity implications. This transformation applies to every level of business.
  • Fleet connectivity in action, examining a segment of industries and exploring the real findings of their connected vehicle programs.
  • Assessing your connectivity readiness. We close the loop by helping fleet managers recognize their requirements for building their ideal program

To help you learn more, download More Than Miles: Bringing Trip Data into View With Fleet Connectivity resource today.

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