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Mitigation Tips

What can we do to be proactive? 

  • For the duration of the strike, dealer stock, used vehicles and rentals may be priced at a premium. It is most likely that dealerships will want to hold on to their inventory for their retail customers.
  • We recommend that you hold onto your vehicles for the short term and investigate what you may have in storage.
  • Take advantage of surplus and any underutilized vehicles within your fleet. Monitor utilization.
  • Review turn-in units to potentially assign to other drivers.
  • If the strike continues, consider swapping high mileage vehicles with lower mileage vehicles to even out the overall mileage accumulation across your assets.
  • Be flexible with your needs and consider other manufacturers, rentals or used vehicles.
  • Be vigilant with maintenance to keep the vehicles that you have on the road.
  • Stay in touch with your OEM representative.

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