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Wheels Environmental Sustainability Benchmark Report 2022

Across North America, the number of corporate social responsibility programs to incorporate environmental sustainability is growing. Yet, how has this impacted modern fleets?

Some intuitions are leading the charge with expansive sustainability goals that touches various parts of their organization. With vehicles being a major environmental factor, fleets are a key part of the solution. We asked ourselves: How is this impacting our client base?

We surveyed our clients on several areas related to environmental sustainability to provide you with key benchmarking data. This insightful information will help fleets and leadership teams make important decisions about their organizations now and in the future.

Download our report, the 2022 Environmental Sustainability Benchmark to learn what people involved in fleet in various aspects think about how to approach reducing carbon emissions, reporting sustainability metrics, expensing home and on-the-go charging and more. Here are some of the topics you will find inside the benchmark report:

  • Perceptions & Motivations
  • Tactics
  • Stakeholders
  • EV Charging
  • Industry Spotlight

Fleet is undergoing a major transformation. Whether you are working toward zero-emission mobility or simply a champion for ESG, Wheels Donlen brings fleet management electrification goals within your reach.

Through our environmental sustainability offerings, we shed light on emissions output, fuel economy and more to get the right benchmark for your future green fleet. We help determine energy needs, driver needs and TCO impact so we can build and execute the right sustainability strategy.

Survey Methodology
Ninety-seven active Wheels Donlen clients participated in this survey.

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