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Managing a Fleet Size Reduction

It is a fairly common occurrence that a change in business plan, corporate structure or product results in a reduction in the number of employees. These work force reductions often impact the size of the fleet as well. Reducing the size of a fleet can be an extremely complicated process. If it goes well, the company can begin to experience the benefits of the reduction immediately. If not, there can be unintended consequences that ripple through the organization, negatively impacting the business for some time.

Staff reductions are very traumatic both for the people directly impacted as well as for those who remain with the company.

Emotions are stirred and it is not uncommon for remaining employees to be “waiting for the other shoe to drop.” By ensuring the entire process is handled efficiently, smoothly and quickly, fleet can play a major role in moving beyond this difficult period to a more positive and productive time for your company.

This guide will provide some guidelines to help ensure that your fleet reduction goes smoothly, including:

  • Identifying the project
  • Selling vehicles to employees
  • Taking possession of vehicles
  • Retaining or disposing of vehicles
  • Redeploying vehicles
  • Documenting and communicating the project
  • Resulting activities

Managing a successful fleet reduction can have a lasting and positive impact on a company’s overall performance. Remember, the people who are not directly affected by the downsizing will be carefully watching how you react and manage the situation. Your actions can have a significant influence on their morale and job performance. Therefore, even when facing a fleet reduction, fleet management has an opportunity to make a positive impact on the organization.

To learn more about fleet reduction, download Managing a fleet size reduction today.

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