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How to Overcome Objections to EV Fleet Vehicles

The use of plug-in electric or batter electric vehicles is increasing at lightning speed. Still, barriers remain that will likely take several years to overcome before EVs are a mobility mainstay. However, fleet managers are under increasing pressure to help companies reach their corporate environmental and sustainability goals (ESG) by cutting emissions through use of EVs. How do you overcome objections—at every level of your organization—to the change-over to EVs, and instead create a culture of acceptance, understanding and realistic path forward to an EV fleet?

Corporate goals to reduce emissions or to even get to zero emissions are admirable. They offer many environmental and public stewardship benefits and can increase efficiency and make fleet driving easier. But the reality is that this journey can be challenging. Your path must include proactive communications, careful planning and considerable flexibility to achieve success. The better prepared you are for this eventual change, the smoother it will proceed in your organization.

We believe a carrot vs. stick approach of proactive problem-solving and honest communication creates a strong foundation for this journey. How to begin? Get the breakdown in this guide.

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