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How to Modernize Your Fleet Policy

As the fleet space has evolved and grown over the last several years, you may have seen your sphere of influence expand within your organization. Now, you’re not just talking about fleet. Sometimes you’re talking about your mobility solutions that you offer to your employees and as the world of mobility expands, it then bleeds into your corporate policy.

Conceal and carry of guns is now legal, in some form, in every state. Billions of dollars are being poured into the mobility industry, thus creating many more options for the modern fleet. The gig economy is making it easier for people with vehicles to pick up part-time work. And cannabis legalization is sweeping the nation.

Is your fleet policy keeping up? This guide will explore the various mobility options and what to language to include in your fleet policy, surrounding:

  • Weapons – Legal and otherwise, are taking residence in the public psyche. It’s of extreme importance to have a clear and concise policy regarding their use.
  • Personal use and gain – With the proliferation of the gig economy, fleet managers now must decide if their vehicles can be used for employees’ personal gain.
  • Legal drugs – It’s important to have a thorough conversation with various stakeholders at your organization about which legal drugs they might limit or prohibit the use of while driving.
  • Data privacy – In this digital age, it’s extremely important to protect drivers’ data through rules on how they govern the use of data.

It’s time to update your fleet policy to include the topics featured in this guide. Download How to modernize your fleet policy resource today.

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